The Science of Body Language: Fake it Until You Feel It

Boudoir Photography

There is a science to body language–the way our body communicates our feelings. Some people communicate with hand gestures and others are more closed off. There are even some who can control a room simply by being a presence that seems bigger than life. But did you know we can practice body language?

Body language makes up around 60 to 65% of human communication. Poor posture, such as slouching, can signal a lack of confidence or respect. There’s a reason our parents and grandparents used to tell us to sit or stand up straight when we were children. Learning the keys to the science of body language can change your life.

As with most things, though, context is key. Sometimes confident people feel disconnected or uncomfortable. They might show that by looking down, crossing their arms, or stepping back when someone approaches. There are also times when unconfident people feel amazing. Both things can be true at the same time. The key to body language is understanding how to use it to your advantage.

Learning Body Language

Confidence is a learned behavior. Despite some beliefs, confidence is attributed to our thoughts and actions. So if our body language can project confidence, it is because we learned how to control our thoughts and actions. Many women struggle with confidence, which is where most female stereotypes come from. Especially when women go against the status quo and put themselves into their villain era

Becoming the confident person you want to be means learning the techniques that make body language readable by the average person. A confident person stands tall, keeps their head lifted, makes eye contact, and keeps their hands out of their pockets. They are solid in their stance. But if you wanted to project sexy body language, maybe your approach would be different. Maybe you want to combine both your sexuality and your confidence. 

We can attribute these to good body language. The old term, “fake it until you make it,” can apply to body language, too. Your body language communicates to others how you’re feeling or what you are thinking about. If you wouldn’t present yourself poorly in an interview, you deserve to treat yourself with the same confidence every day.

boudoir body language woman on couch posing

Faking it is an Act of Learning Better Body Language

So how does body language improve through boudoir? You fake it until you feel it.

Have you ever met someone who hates having their picture taken and wondered why? Many of The Girlfriend Experience’s clients have also expressed that they hate having their picture taken. I have a theory. The picture they have of themselves in their mind is not the same as what they see inside of a photograph. 

Boudoir shows your confidence. You should feel great, sexy, and beautiful during your shoot. But when you walk in thinking that you will hate it, it’s our job to encourage you to fake it until you feel it. We understand body language and how it speaks through a lens. There is nothing more exciting than watching clients get into difficult poses to get the best shot of the day. Their body shows the projection of their confidence. 

My favorite part is watching client’s eyes light up in excitement about how they look in their photographs. I get to watch the woman who walked in slouched and uncomfortable blossom into someone with their shoulders back and head held high. I’ve even been told they carry that new confidence with them beyond our studio.

Faking confidence, even when it’s being taught by someone else, is an act of learning and self-love. Not only does it project confidence you didn’t feel while entering the studio, but you will walk away with a renewed sense of pride and achievement. A learned behavior. 

Boudoir and Capturing Confident Body Language

Capturing Confidence is all about posing and lighting. Professional photographers understand the angles, shapes, and lighting. Professional photographers also understand that photographs project body language. If a photo tells a thousand words, then the photographer must understand how to communicate that story through their art. 

When you are ready for your session to start, we will show you how to handle every pose, where to hold your head, and give you direction on your expressions. We understand that body language in the way a camera captures it can be foreign to some and want you to walk away with the best experience. With all this information, we know you’re ready to step into the most confident version of yourself. We look forward to meeting you when you schedule your appointment, and can’t wait to watch you flourish in front of the camera.