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Ageless Couples Boudoir: 3 Captivating GFE Couples Featured in HuffPost

Ageless couples boudoir challenges the narrative that sensuality and self-expression belong only to the young. The reality is that it is a reclamation of beauty, desire, and the right to feel confident in your own skin, regardless of age. The beauty of ageless couples boudoir is how to capture a moment in time that leaves […]

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Celebrating Yourself: 3 Empowering Life Lessons in Perspective, Guilt, & Boundaries

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When was the last time you were taking the time celebrating yourself? This weekend I had a very worthwhile reason that I needed to take the time celebrating me. I celebrated another trip around the sun for me. I’ve reached 42 years of life officially. Most days I love spending my time behind the boudoir […]

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Aging Gracefully While Embracing Your Sexuality

The phrase aging is a privilege is a bit oversimplified. Not only is aging a privilege, it can also be confusing. No longer do we fit into the traditional view of what is sexy, but the clothes we purchase shift to arguably unsexy attire. We are still sexual human beings, but with age, it almost […]


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3 Ways Leaning Into Your Awkward Feelings Can Be Alluring

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Awkward feelings can be debilitating in any social setting. You walk into a room decked out in your best attire, only to realize the party isn’t that kind of party. So what happens next? You’re already dressed and at your destination. So, do you run home and change into jeans and a t-shirt? Maybe you […]

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Boudoir Photoshoot Essentials: 5 Important FAQs for Your Shoot with the GFE

We understand how important being prepared for your boudoir photoshoot is to you. Whether you are a new boudoir client or returning, we understand that there will be questions. Sometimes, scrolling through our backlog of posts on Instagram will answer them. But we want to compile a list to help you find answers to our […]


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A Quality Boudoir Photographer is Worth the Investment


In boudoir, I have always believed that you truly pay for quality. It’s a experience on top of artfully beautiful photography. Today I felt called to share a story about why I will always preach that investing in quality professional photography. I was attending a wedding recently and all of my table mates were discussing […]

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3 Ways to Challenge the Narrative of What is Sexy

I want to put you into the hypothetical drivers seat today by challenging the narrative of what is sexy to you. Let’s say today is the day you get to meet your favorite actor. Maybe you have harbored a secret crush on him for years, have every picture of him tucked away under your pillow, […]


The Science of Body Language: Fake it Until You Feel It

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There is a science to body language–the way our body communicates our feelings. Some people communicate with hand gestures and others are more closed off. There are even some who can control a room simply by being a presence that seems bigger than life. But did you know we can practice body language? Body language […]

Our Past Clients Speak: Why Chose the GFE Boudoir Pittsburgh

The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir Pittsburgh has been my passion and business for over a decade now! This is my world, where radical self-confidence meets allure and is then immortalized through the lens of boudoir! I have been a part of so many boudoir journeys for countless people over the years. People have have traveled both […]

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