The Science of Body Language: Fake it Until You Feel It

There is a science to body language–the way our body communicates our feelings. Some people communicate with hand gestures and others are more closed off. There are even some who can control a room simply by being a presence that seems bigger than life. But did you know we can practice body language? Body language […]

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Embracing Your Main Character in Boudoir – Be Whoever You Want to Be

Boudoir Photography

You are watching a movie, and brilliant things are happening. The main character’s energy is thrilling, and you are on the edge of your seat to see how they pull through. Maybe she gets the guy. Maybe she learns she is a badass exactly how she is, but either way, you wish for even a […]

Femme Fatale: Entering Your Feminine Villain Era

The concept of the Femme Fatale is trending everywhere currently. And with August is ripe with super moons, it is fueling the energy more than ever too. If you are into astrology, you may know about the Leo Super Moon and the manifestation powers of the open Lion’s Gate Portal. Since the Leo Super Moon […]


Self-care Isn’t Selfish – Why Investing in YOU is Worth Every Penny

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Self care has been so essentially important to our overall mental health. There are many amazing self-care goddesses out there. They are not afraid to take charge, put themselves first, and find time for small joys and big relaxation. But if you are anything like me, you often wonder where they find the time. With […]

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Making Boudoir Part of Your Self-Healing Journey

When it comes to your boudoir journey mental health matters.  We are in a different society in the 2020s. One that focuses more on the effects of mental health and prioritizing self-care. But as the world moves on at a rapid pace, many of us continue to be stuck with old ideologies that hold us […]

Boudoir Photography

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The Importance of Pro Boudoir Hair and Makeup for Your Photoshoot

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography at The Girlfriend Experience is all about luxury. We want you to walk in as you are so we can pamper you for the entirety of your session. That means we don’t just recommend professional hair and makeup, we provide it. We’re ready for you to sit back, relax, and let us do […]

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Post-Split Boudoir: How to Reignite the Spark in You

Break-ups are hard. There’s no easy way around the truth. Sometimes they’re the best thing for ourselves. They still take an emotional toll that can feel insurmountable. We hope your split didn’t come along with physical insecurities, but we know that the feeling of rejection can manifest. If you are looking to reignite your own […]


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Capturing Confidence: The Goal of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Struggling with self-confidence is an epidemic. We’re constantly bombarded with filtered images of beautiful people and the constant drag on life. It’s no wonder that capturing confidence in photographs seems impossible. Too many people believe they are not photogenic, and their confidence plummets when they hear negative feedback. Before they know it, they are in […]

Intimate Images Leaked: Protect Your Private Pictures Online

In boudoir photography, we are opening ourselves up to allow our most intimate selves to shine through. Whether we decide to share them with our spouses, our loved ones, or even online, sometimes our intimate images can end up in spaces and places we never consented to be shared to. In the online world we […]