So much love

How can you tell a business is doing everything right? Repeat customers. That's right, I had such a beautiful experience working with Stephanie and her team the first time that I booked a second session 5 years later. The whole experience is truly euphoric. My first session was a wedding gift to my husband. The second boudoir session (three kids later) was for me. Stephanie and her team are fantastic to work with. She is there to walk you through it all and you leave with so much more than just boudoir photos, you also get a lasting memory.


So much love

As someone who is uncomfortably shy and awkward as I am, Steph and her team managed to make me feel the best I have about my body in forever. I was worried I wouldn’t like a single photo from my shoot, but turns out it was hard to choose which ones I loved most! The whole experience was awesome and comfortable from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend Steph and her team more. I feel like every woman and man should get to experience this kind of love for themselves. Just book your shoot and do it! You won’t regret it!


So much love

Stephanie was a rock star! From the moment I stepped in to do make up and hair with the artist extraordinaire, Dessa, she made me feel like I was the baddest woman out there. She helped me loosen up and get out of my comfort zone while physically showing me moves and being my hype woman. The photos came out flawlessly with a very quick turn around time and I completely trusted her with my body and spirit that day. I would HIGHLY suggest checking her out if you're interested in a boudoir shoot. I will be coming back !


Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh

As one of Pittsburgh's Top Rated Boudoir Studios, The Girlfriend Experience (GFE),  gives you more than just “sexy boudoir photos”, we give you permission. Permission to love yourself. Permission to take control. Permission to evolve.

Whether you are here to treat yourself, take back something you’ve lost, reignite passion & connection with your partner, see your true beauty or feel sexy AF; The GFE is 100% dedicated to ensuring your boudoir experience is luxurious, supportive, and above all, fun!

sensual. transformative. life-changing.

Our Boudoir Studio

The GFE Boudoir Studio is a 1500 square foot loft-style industrial space located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District Neighborhood. 


2519 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Meet Steff

Hi, I'm Steff, the owner and lead boudoir photographer at The GFE located in Pittsburgh's Strip District Neighborhood.

For me, it's more than just pictures...

Let’s face it, I'd be lying if I said having scantily-clad / nude photos taken, isn't effing vulnerable. IT IS!!!! You're basically saying “Hi, yes...please photograph me in all my glory... I don't know you, but…* laughs nervously*... let's do this.” Gaaah! Deep breaths. 

I get it, I have taken thousands of photos and have been doing this for OVER 10 years. And to be clear, that is 10+ incredible years of solely boudoir photography; not weddings, not family portraits.

I love my job and with me it's so much MORE than the photos! It's about connecting with you, building trust with you, and about you feeling so comfortable with me, that it feels like we've been friends for ages! It's The Girlfriend Experience!

Remember: feeling vulnerable isn't bad but it can be scary! So I'm here to help you through to the other side, to that place where you say “I did that and I’d do it again!”

the woman behind the magic

Are you ready to be more confident?