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How to make your boudoir shoot day easier

Tips to have a seamless boudoir shoot with The GFE Boudoir You have gone and done the damn thing. Your mind has been made up and you aren’t waiting any longer. Your boudoir photography shoot has been booked. You’ve paid your deposit, signed your contract, set your date and you’ve found wardrobe you love yourself […]


We could all stand to be a little more bold


Sometimes we rush and sometimes we wait. There are times being impulsive pays off in big ways even for small moves. Then there are small moves that we wait forever to make and therefore never really experience satisfaction from. I am a huge believer in timing. My own relationship with Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh changes every […]

Let’s Talk About Posing For Your Boudoir Shoot

This is a collaboration between yourself and I. All you need to do is show up and trust me to deliver our best work.


About Pittsburgh Makeup Artist Dessa Marie Artistry


One of the first questions we get asked is if we have a makeup artist.

Do we have a makeup artist?

Yes we do GIRLFRIENDS Only the in the whole wide world!!!! Dessa Marie Artistry

Yes, We Shoot Maternity Boudoir Photography!

ICYDK, we do actually photograph maternity portraits and I’ve not really talked about it and that shocked me too!!


Go Ahead and Reward Yourself!


So you finally did that thing you’ve been promising yourself you’d do something for yourself for ages and now you want to to make good on that promise to yourself? What are you going to do??! Book a boudoir shoot, that’s what! Here are five reasons why this is an excellent idea:

The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

I don’t think you can either hate yourself or love yourself to a point of returning to health but I do think you can work on accepting where you have a weakness, like being kinder to your body or appreciating your body and progressing forward from there.


Let’s get grounded, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography


this exercise is all about mindfulness and focusing on the present moment. Once you remove your energy from the negative stressors and on to enjoying the moment. That anxiety starts to release, and you are able to relax. You can incorporate all of the senses when you are trying to ground yourself, it’s completely up to you with what you need.

Feeling guilty about doing something for yourself, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburg Boudoir Photography,

Most of the time when we set aside time for ourselves, we are accompanied by some guilt. Those voices tend to tell us illogical thoughts like “ You don’t deserve to take a break” or “ you could be doing something more productive”. Which then ends up circulating in our brains for the duration of the self-care event, causing you to stress out while you’re trying to relax.