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Controlling Your Own Narrative

Do you feel you are controlling your own narrative? Do you have a front seat to your own life?  We’re all dictated by the narrative in our heads, but you may not realize the influences that shape your story. Not only does your narrative shape who you are–character development, if you will–but it often shapes […]


Why a Better Relationship with Your Body Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Editor’s Note: the following article explores disordered eating, social media, body image, and the sexual relationship between consenting adults. The relationship with your body can often dictate your own thoughts. You might carry them around like scars, but improving your relationship with your body can also improve your sex life. It really comes down to […]

The Scars We All Carry

Aside from the obvious physical manifestations etched into the skin, we all have scars we carry. Sometimes, they’re buried deep in our psyche, like wounds that we carry quietly. It’s there in the quiet, dark scars that often shape who we are as individuals. The scars we all carry can sometimes stand between our desire […]

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Boudoir is Not Porn: Handle Criticism with Ease

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Some say art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The key to interpretation is through the viewer’s lens, but sometimes the viewer gets it inaccurate. Boudoir photography is more than just a snapped nude you send to your boyfriend or post on the internet. Luxury boudoir levels up the experience, […]

Gifting Boudoir Photos

Maybe you’re thinking about what happens next. You’ve had The Experience, walked away feeling healed and elated, and now it’s time to gift your boudoir photos as you planned. But you haven’t thought too far ahead, and now you’re stuck on the how.  How do you give the gift of these photographs and still feel […]

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Themed Photoshoots: Tacky vs. Tasteful

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You’re probably looking for a space to feel comfortable, to be wholly and uniquely yourself. Especially since you’ve landed on a Boudoir Photographer’s page. Photography can be two things at the same time: vulnerable and expressive. Since one of the most important factors of being in front of any camera is body language, it’s our […]

Why Luxury Is All About Self Respect

Luxury is often framed in an image dripping in gold and diamonds. Even commodities like silks, lush colors, and plush furnishings may pop into your mind when you think about things of luxury. You may think about some famously-know luxury brands before you envision any of the images above. Either way, the idea of luxury […]

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Embracing Your Divine Feminine

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I am sure you have heard of the divine feminine before. This term may or may not be new to you. However, I implore you that some social media trends are worth leaning into. Some of them can help better you as a human and a feminine being on this Earth. If it resonates with […]

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How A Boudoir Photoshoot Gives You Confidence

A boudoir photoshoot can give you a needed confidence boost. Learn more about how a photoshoot can increase your confidence.