Femme Fatale: Entering Your Feminine Villain Era


boudoir photoshoot of couple in bed.

The concept of the Femme Fatale is trending everywhere currently. And with August is ripe with super moons, it is fueling the energy more than ever too. If you are into astrology, you may know about the Leo Super Moon and the manifestation powers of the open Lion’s Gate Portal. Since the Leo Super Moon on August 1st, and portal opening, the energy is perfect for healing your heart, waking up your mind, and removing limiting beliefs. 

With all that manifesting energy, what better time than now to enter your Villain Era? No, we are not talking about becoming a true villain. Your Villain Era will look different from the wicked witches in children’s tales. You’re not poisoning apples or plotting revenge. Instead, you are harnessing self-care, removing people pleasing habits, and setting beautiful boundaries. 

Say goodbye to the cultural beliefs that women should be dainty and accommodating, and say hello to a newer, more confident, and independent woman. This is your permission to go full Femme fatale. Accentuate your body, express your opinions, and take no shit. Showcase the strength inside you. Allow your intelligence to be the star of every room you enter. Harness the energy the universe provides, so you let your entire personality shine. 

Harnessing More Self-care Through Boudoir

As with all things related to women, the misconceptions of the Femme fatale still reign supreme. We judge strong women not only on their looks but also on their ability to say no. A woman who harnesses Femme fatale energy does not place her confidence on outside attention, but on her own successes. 

As feminism continues to gain traction, women are more likely to be independent and creative than ever before. Along with independence, women can expect labels derived from patriarchal idealism. And that’s where the Villain Era comes in. Tell Uncle Drake to shove it when he complains about your attire, and wear the damn thing with pride.  

Being the villain looks a lot like self-care. It’s setting boundaries and doing things that are good for you. It’s why we believe boudoir is the ultimate form of self-care. Boudoir showcases your sexuality, but it also gives you an opportunity to say “fuck the haters.” Being a villain in your own life is about taking back control of your sexuality, your body, and your ability to decide for yourself.

Express Your Femininity Through Boudoir

There is a strange dichotomy between women’s sexuality and purity culture. On the one hand, women’s sexuality sells products. On the other, we expect women to be chaste and play hard-to-get. We don’t have to explain to you what it means to be a woman, as you have experienced it. In your Villain Era, you’re no longer conforming to societal norms. Instead, you’re embracing your body as the vessel that gives you independence.

Self-expression takes many forms: from the way we dress and present ourselves to the way we speak and accept authority. You don’t need to be sexually expressive to show your Femme fatale side and stand up against patriarchy. 

Boudoir is self-expression. It takes courage to get undressed in front of strangers. More than courage, it takes self-confidence that may have been snuffed out. Boudoir and confidence building go hand-in-hand. You can choose themed or non-themed photography sessions, but they’re often a great way to push your limits and see what you are capable of. To see your fierceness through the creativity of your photographer. To harness that Leo energy, even when you aren’t a Leo yourself. 

Adopt a Take No Shit Attitude

No, seriously. 

As a person living in a free country, you have agency. You have the freedom to make your own decisions. Of course, you still have consequences, both good and bad. Your no means no, and your yeses should fill you with gratitude and peace. If the polite rules they taught you mean your boundaries are often crossed, stand up for yourself. 

You are still polite, even when you defend your boundaries with gusto.

Often, people teach us to avoid making waves, to keep a low profile, to not draw attention to ourselves. But honey, we’re living in the Villain Era. We confidently stride into a room, we pamper ourselves with self-care; we stand up for what we believe in, and we protect those we love, including ourselves. So buy the dress, book the boudoir session, say fuck it to the haters and believe in yourself. 

We’re here for a good time.