Making Boudoir Part of Your Self-Healing Journey

Boudoir Photography

woman boudoir black panties

When it comes to your boudoir journey mental health matters. 

We are in a different society in the 2020s. One that focuses more on the effects of mental health and prioritizing self-care. But as the world moves on at a rapid pace, many of us continue to be stuck with old ideologies that hold us back from our self-healing journey. Maybe we are overworked. When was the last time you took a vacation and did not check your email?

With the introduction of technology, chances are you have less time than you had before. You struggle to carve out time for yourself that is not doom scrolling on social media, or maybe even your new obsession with Threads. One way to prioritize yourself is by making boudoir part of your self-healing journey. 

We all have scars that we have held onto from our past. Those scars could be physical or mental, but either way, they are reminders about how we failed. Self-preservation mode kicks in, and we shy away from the things that we perceive as potential hurt later.. Building your own self-healing journey will differ from others based on your needs. 

Understanding Our Own Self-Healing Journey

What is a self-healing journey, anyways? Remember those scars we talked about? Every time you protect those wounds, you deny yourself the opportunity to heal. Self-healing journeys are about airing out the things that traumatized us. When we give those things the space to hurt us, or let other people’s opinions regulate our narrative, we wrap ourselves up in other people’s cocoons. 

You deserve to take up as much space as you want. 

Self-healing is about giving yourself the opportunity to live a more joyful and authentic life. It’s about laughing hard, even when someone has made jokes about the way you laugh. It’s about smiling wide and being carefree, even if you are insecure about your teeth. Everyone deserves space to be themselves in the most authentic way possible. 

Self-healing journeys can start with therapy for some people, or the last straw for others. It usually happens when we recognize the ease with which other people control their lives, and rolls on with the desire to have that for yourself. And you can have the life you have always desired. Sometimes, you just have to dance through the storm and bring your demons out to play. You’ll heal your inner-child, and have a great time doing it. 

How Boudoir Helps with Your Self-healing Journey

It might seem strange to combine self-healing and boudoir in the same sentence. Why would wearing lingerie and posing in front of a camera heal anything? But to be honest, the answer is pretty simple. Boudoir teaches you about your body and shows you what you look like when you’re confident and vulnerable. 

Self-healing is a process. It does not happen with one photoshoot, and it will not happen with one step outside your comfort zone. However, taking slow, safe steps into your best life is the greatest confidence boost. Boudoir photography is a great way to invest in yourself. We encourage you to get pampered before, during, and after the shoot. Get your hair done, do some yoga, get a pedicure and a facial. Then come into your session with a fresh outlook. Allow our stylists to do your hair and makeup for you. And after? Go get that massage, friend. 

Too many women choose our families and careers over ourselves. We are often the last thing we consider in our daily lives. Making the radical choice to care about yourself first is self-healing. Your schedule is busy, but you deserve a reward for working hard. When you experiment with things outside your comfort zone, you remind yourself that you are worth choosing too.

Not to mention the beautiful photographs you’ll get to keep from your experience. 

Starting Your Self-healing Journey

We are not strangers to insecurities. As a woman owned and operated business, we especially understand the unique circumstances of being a woman in today’s world. Celebrities are breaking the mold for female stereotypes. Still, we are bombarded with beauty expectations on top of being a boss bitch and a gentle parent (if that’s your thing). We get it. 

Women are tired.

Being the last person we think about is overwhelming. Doubly so when we’re also listening to society’s narrative about how we should think/act/behave. To start on your self-healing journey, imagine breaking free of the mountains of expectation on your shoulders. Remind yourself that you are also important to society and your household, and that means you should be a priority to yourself. If you want to journey into boudoir, we are ready to give you a day of pampering. You deserve to be treated like a queen, and we are here to help you see how incredible you really are. It’s why we are here.