3 Ways Leaning Into Your Awkward Feelings Can Be Alluring

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awkward feelings in boudoir

Awkward feelings can be debilitating in any social setting. You walk into a room decked out in your best attire, only to realize the party isn’t that kind of party. So what happens next? You’re already dressed and at your destination. So, do you run home and change into jeans and a t-shirt? Maybe you paid for hair and make-up, and you felt great, but now that familiar discomfort snakes down your spine. 

Ugh. This is so awkward.

Heads pull together as party goers sneak peeks at you from the corner of their eyes. There are whispers and chuckles as you decide to walk in with your head held high, but your shoulders slip. You are uncomfortable, but you did too much work for the event to be spoiled by bad intel, right? 

Now, maybe this scenario is a little far-fetched, but the sentiment is the same. Learning how to lean into those awkward feelings and discomfort has a way of pulling you forward. Of becoming alluring, drawing in curiosity rather than discomfort. 

After all, you have as much of a right to be whoever you want and wear whatever you want as the others. So, why not rock it? 

How to Dissipate Your Awkward Feelings

Being a human is a strange and beautiful thing. What makes one person feel awkward and itchy in their own skin may be something that brings someone else confidence. Going back to the overdressed example at the beginning of the article, some women would feel super proud, while others would leave. What skills does the confident woman hold that the other woman overlooks?

Social norms dictate expectations. Maybe some of the other partygoers notice your gorgeous red carpet worthy dress and smile. They think you arrived with them after another event, and they decide to buy you a shot. Others are envious or judgey. Lessening the awkwardness starts with you. How you respond to poor behaviors will give other partygoers an idea of what happened. 

Naturally, you can make your outfit more casual by removing some items: shoes, jewelry, or readjusting your hair into a more casual hairstyle. If you’d rather not, making a joke can definitely help, but it would get old after repeating to every curious party goer. My favorite strategy is when put in an awkward situation, you own it

Take up space

Some of the most alluring people in our current culture are not afraid to take up space. There are musicians who are terrified of getting on stage, but their love of their craft gives them the courage to share it with those who love music in the ways they do. They might have sweaty hands and anxiety, but they know where they belong. They are performers. For regular people not looking to join the spotlight, taking up space takes practice. 

You may have heard the term before, but what does it mean to take up space? 

Leaning into all your awkward feelings. Do you want to belt out a song in the subway because the acoustics would be amazing, but maybe you worry about what others will think? Taking up space is about unlearning the things that hold us back from joy. It’s about understanding that you belong in every room you walk into, that you have a voice that is powerful, and that you are allowed to be visible–to show up for yourself

Polishing Up Your Awkward Feelings into Being Alluring

Allure is about fascination and charm. It’s a tad mysterious, a personality in its own right. Many people have perfected the art of allure, from the traditionally beautiful to the strange and unusual. Allure is a quality that makes people feel comfortable, which is how leaning into your own awkwardness can go from uncomfortable to alluring. 

In boudoir, you are trusting your photographer while you are nearly naked. Your body might struggle with being positioned awkwardly, or you may have trouble taking yourself seriously. But that awkwardness can often be charming. A chuckle because you feel awkward can photograph as genuine, confident. And while you are stuck in your head, the images captured tell a totally different story. 

Lean in to your awkward feelings. Your reactions when you feel awkward are genuine. When you ask yourself what makes the awkward feelings arise, it’s often outside pressure when you perceive a mistake. But we don’t do mistakes here. We do genuine, confident, and we damn sure take up space. 

Because allure is about charm, and what’s more charming than being wholly unguarded?

At the Girlfriend Experience, we want you to burst through those awkward feelings in your Boudoir journey. Ready to get started? Contact us today to get pampered and empowered through your boudoir photoshoot.