Self-care Isn’t Selfish – Why Investing in YOU is Worth Every Penny

Boudoir Photography

women boudoir in lacy bra

Self care has been so essentially important to our overall mental health. There are many amazing self-care goddesses out there. They are not afraid to take charge, put themselves first, and find time for small joys and big relaxation. But if you are anything like me, you often wonder where they find the time. With full schedules, including work, family, and cleaning, self-care is a challenge for many. 

But there is a not-so-guarded secret that might put self-care into a better perspective. Self-care isn’t selfish.

Yes, really. 

We’ve all heard the analogy of putting your oxygen mask on before helping others into theirs. While it’s valid, we want to take it one step further. When you invest in self-care, you have more energy, self-esteem, and can bounce back faster. 

Investing in yourself is worth every penny. Whether it’s a simple face mask and a delicious beverage, or a full-blown boudoir session, choosing to put your needs first is healthy.

Starting a Valuable Self-care Routine

If you are someone who never puts themselves first, then learning about self-care can feel tedious and maybe even overwhelming. Starting a self-care routine for yourself can feel selfish, especially when there are so many people out there who need you. But you are probably exhausted, feeling a little lonely, or daydreaming about vacation and the time when people don’t need you so much. 

We understand. 

Rewriting the script in your head about self-care being selfish is a good first step. You cannot drink from an empty cup, and when your cup is empty, you probably don’t have the energy to get up and refill it. But girl, you are dehydrated. All that work you’re doing for others isn’t being returned in the same capacity, and your body and mind are taking the abuse. It’s no wonder you’re so tired. 

Start slow. Take thirty minutes out of your day and go sit outside. Put your toes in the grass and give your body time to soak up some vitamin d. Once you’ve set this into your daily routine, and you’re feeling ambitious, maybe throw in something else you love that has nothing to do with other people. You’re allowed to take up space, babe. 

Investing in Self-care that Matters to You

Many of our clients come to us because they’ve been lacking a spark in their life. It could be their self-confidence, or they are too used to living in their comfort zone. Either way, they come into a session feeling nervous and walk out feeling accomplished, beautiful, and pampered. 

Boudoir is an act of self-expression. It’s permission to take up space, to wear that lingerie you never get the chance to wear. Boudoir makes you feel confident in your own skin–yes, even around strangers. And you deserve that feeling. 

Investing in self-care is investing in radical self-acceptance. Life is fleeting. Self-care means doing things that make you happy, relaxed, and remind you that you matter. It’s easy to get stuck doing the same things all the time. But prioritizing yourself is a big step in self-care. 

Bouncing Back from Mental Burnout

One reason we experience burnout is a lack of self-care. When we constantly burn the candle at both ends, burnout is inevitable. Therefore, downtime is key. Refilling your emotional wells and keeping them balanced is not selfish. In fact, it’s the most selfless thing you can do. 

When we burnout, all of our energy is zapped. We struggle to focus and be present when we need to. Work becomes harder. And many times, in this zone, our self-talk becomes more critical. We’re not working on refilling our energy or reminding ourselves of our own humanity. Instead, we cannot meet our own goals and keep up with the daily grind. 

Self-care is an act of learning why you’re important and allowed to take up space. It helps you to set boundaries and make yourself a priority in your own life. Your self-care routine, like journaling, exercise, and nature time, proves you matter. 

Because to us and everyone in your life, you do.