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Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, A complete boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir

I run my business the way I would want the experience laid out for me. I would want my shoot and my product separate so I am not buying something I don’t know if I would like. I would want the best fucking makeup I could get my hands on. I would want a photographer with experience. I would want the booking process to be pretty seamless. Jess worked her butt off to get online booking up and running so if this idea comes to you in the middle of the night and you want some details, you don’t have to wait for one of us to wake up and email you back. A bunch of information is in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

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Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Is Boudoir Empowering?

There is power in sexuality and sexual exploration. There power in being overt? Absolutely! Is there power in being demure? Absolutely. Is there power in the display of sexuality? Absolutely! Is there power in being chaste? Absolutely. What you want has power, what you are motivated by has power and all I do as a boudoir photographer is to give you PERMISSION to take back your power.

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