Everything is Temporary: How to Celebrate Life Authentically


beautiful bipoc woman understanding everything is temporary

The last few years have been a journey of understanding everything is temporary. There was melancholy and strife in some parts of that journey, but it seems people are more aware of the importance of living more authentically now than ever before. It’s clear in the confidence of generation Z, the shift in perspective from musicians like Lizzo, and a little thing called TikTok. Some of us have lost the person we thought we’d become before the world imploded, and 2023 is the year we reignite the spark of authenticity.

Recent history has taught us that everything is temporary. However, temporary doesn’t mean the life we have has to be boring or controlled by those around us. With globalization and then the abrupt slowdown of the American Lifestyle post-2020, we learned expectations can change with a quickness. Yet where does that leave us when we’re ready to step into a more authentic lifestyle?

Understand that Everything is Temporary

If you have a type A personality, this next piece of advice might give you the icks. Despite your best efforts, though, you can’t control everything. While it can be challenging to understand emotionally, everything on earth remains the same for an infinite amount of time. Religions evolve, plants grow, we age, our jobs change, people come and go, etc. It’s gratifying to acknowledge we’ll never be bored. 

Sometimes, it takes a shift in perspective.

So if you’re forced to acknowledge that everything is temporary, where does that leave room for control? Positive Psychology and Buddhist ideals suggest that impermanence–the ability to remember that every moment is precious because nothing sticks around forever–is the key to living authentically. The control lies in what you can control. Your thoughts, focus, and presence in situations are your gifts. When you can control yourself, you will open a broader picture of the world around you. 

Exposing Your Authentic Self

While the rest of the world is preoccupied with either feeling no feelings at all (a fallacy) or numbing the gamut of emotions with distractions, drugs, alcohol, etc., you’re making the first steps towards exposing the most authentic version of yourself. And just in case no one has told you, I am proud of you.

People are often afraid of change because it throws them out of their comfort zone. Expanding on the idea of loving yourself more, leaning into your authentic self can take some work. Authenticity is always a work in progress, because as we develop, so do our personalities and our goals. It’s normal to live through ebbs and flows of joy and sadness. 

The biggest lesson in authenticity? Friend, you have learned acceptance. Change, emotions, experiences–these things occur beyond our control. Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves for these changes, living more authentically means accepting all the strange quirks about your life, your body, and situation. Remember, everything is temporary. Your situation will change, and that’s ok. It’s how you respond to those changes that directly affect your authentic self.

Celebrating Life Authentically

If you’ve ever watched an interview, movie, or read a book about someone and wished you were brave enough to have the same main character energy, this is for you. 

Sometimes the hero of a story literally stumbles into something great. The choice they have to make can either hinder their ability to, well, become the hero, or it can change their life completely. Lottery winners don’t win because they wished they could. It’s because they purchased a ticket. That ticket, the infinitesimal chance, changed their life forever. 

The lack mindset comes from a place of fear. It’s not that you can’t do the thing you’re wanting to do. It’s that you’re scared. The cool thing about living authentically is that when you’re scared, you take a deep breath and take the next step, anyway. 

The main characters you envied before were all scared too. I’ll repeat that: they were all scared too. 

If you want to celebrate your authenticity, step into everything that makes up who you are with confidence. Judgment from others reflects their own insecurities, and because you now know that everything is temporary, you know that once they step into their authentic lives, too, they’ll also understand your confidence. 

And what’s braver than authenticity?