We could all stand to be a little more bold

Sometimes we rush and sometimes we wait. There are times being impulsive pays off in big ways even for small moves. Then there are small moves that we wait forever to make and therefore never really experience satisfaction from. I am a huge believer in timing. My own relationship with Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh changes every […]


Let’s Talk About Posing For Your Boudoir Shoot


This is a collaboration between yourself and I. All you need to do is show up and trust me to deliver our best work.

The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburg Boudoir Photography

The deposit to book your Pittsburgh Boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir is the lowest lowest in our history. Come on in to book your shoot for 50 bucks and get more info!


Where did Steff/The GFE Go? Pittsburgh’s Best Boudoir Photography


I am still here. I just haven’t been doing the things I should be doing. This is going to change. I don’t know when I will be back to shooting but we will keep you as updated as possible. May is at capacity. It is past capacity. So lets hope we get this curve flattened and we can get back to living a bit more of a conscious life and hope to see more normalcy.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, RINGING in a new phase of life, Bridal Boudoir Western PA

You’re a bride for one day. A wife for hopefully forever but undoubtedly you are a woman who deserves to feel beautiful and celebrated infinitely. I don’t want your photos to only be about a moment in your life, I want them to be a celebration that you can enjoy over and over!


The Teaser, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Promo with The GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE BOUDOIR


The 30-minute session will, 15-20 images (maybe more if you stretch!) included, all black and white, body-conscious posing to highlight your curves all delivered via digital download in the same 24 hours as your shoot. I will lead you through a series of pre-designed poses on both the chair and the floor. We will prep […]

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Western PA Bridal Boudoir

Steer clear of clichés. Pass on the white corset. Fuck the pearls. White stockings? It’s not 1987. I have a different spin on bridal boudoir. I take more of a portrait approach to ensure there is a clear line between for the wedding day and the rest of forever images will be showcased in your boudoir album.