We could all stand to be a little more bold

Sometimes we rush and sometimes we wait. There are times being impulsive pays off in big ways even for small moves. Then there are small moves that we wait forever to make and therefore never really experience satisfaction from. I am a huge believer in timing. My own relationship with Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh changes every […]


Learn From Others’ Mistakes


If you’ve not eaten you can’t hear me and you can comprehend what I’ve asked you to do. if you can’t follow and be coached because your brain is busy trying to figure out where the fuck the famine came from, I could very well ask you to go home. Couple some booze on a totally empty stomach and you’ve just wasted your money and my time. (Yes, I sound like an asshole but I am the expert and you chose me because I know how to make your session fire as hell, let’s not blow it because we are afraid of a banana.)

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.When it comes to the photography studio and my boudoir shooting habits I like newness as often as I can get it. I think that may be why I fell away from blogging. Partially because I was giving my focus to the women in front of my camera and because after 8 years of writing about boudoir shoots, I feel like you must have heard this before.


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  What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience?I had always wanted to do this kind of shoot but after I had my son and going through a divorce I just didn’t feel sexy enough to do it.  When I looked in the mirror I saw a new pouch under my belly, […]

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  My sole motivation for the boudoir experience was to give it as a gift to my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary.  See, no matter what age or what life experience I was going through, he always thought I was beautiful.  Pregnant, really pregnant, right after delivery, as I age, when I cry, when […]


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What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience? I had always thought about doing a boudoir shoot when I was getting married as part of a gift to my husband on our wedding day.  However, I was intimidated by all the photos you see on pinterest. Most of those women fit a […]

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It doesn’t have to be what you think looks pretty. It it doesn’t have to involve a push up bra. It doesn’t have to involve lots of makeup. It doesn’t have to be anything other than real. Light and dark, texture, soft, flesh,breasts and confidence. That is all this session needed. She choose to shoot in her […]


Welcome to my new home! Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography


I love my new website! I just had to put a bow on it! I am so happy to have moved my boudoir work onto a platform that is for nothing else! I felt a little guilty having my half naked clients just around the corner from my brides or families.  This move is big […]