Ageless Couples Boudoir: 3 Captivating GFE Couples Featured in HuffPost

Boudoir Photography

ageless couples boudoir blonde woman with black lingere being held by husband

Ageless couples boudoir challenges the narrative that sensuality and self-expression belong only to the young. The reality is that it is a reclamation of beauty, desire, and the right to feel confident in your own skin, regardless of age. The beauty of ageless couples boudoir is how to capture a moment in time that leaves us timeless.

Truth be told, we have been keeping a tiny little secret. You see, we are not simply a luxury Pittsburgh boudoir studio, our photography has been published to a wider audience! Kelsey Borresen from HuffPost Life reached out to us (cue internal squealing, and check out her article here) for an article featuring boudoir for couples over 50. Of course, I scanned back through my couples who signed releases and found a few stunning couples who were excited to be featured. 

And let me tell you, their features are incredible.

We’ve been saying it for years now, but boudoir is not just for youthful faces and bodies. Any chance I get to showcase the stunning humans who choose to strip down for a shoot makes me giddy. Boudoir is ageless, and it’s not only for those of us who would like a little confidence boost. Boudoir can also capture the stripped down romantic elements of relationships, unlike traditional photoshoots. Plus, they are fun as hell.

Ageless Couples Boudoir is for Every Body

Boudoir photography is an ever-evolving art form. What once was created as a peek inside a woman’s bedchambers is now a celebration of the human form. It’s gone from taboo to promoted, not only for giving people an opportunity to try something new, but for boudoir’s unique ability to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

With age comes wisdom, or so the saying goes. But as society does, with age also comes stigma. Maybe there is a belief that boudoir photography is for younger people who still uphold beauty standards met by magazines. Boudoir isn’t about beauty standards. At least, not the kinds that reduce a person to their age, sex, nationality, size, or sexual orientation. 

The beauty in boudoir is the subject–you. You are perfect exactly as you are. Whether you’re 18 or 108, boudoir is for every body. This includes your wonderful partner, too. Boudoir is for every body and both of you.

ageless couples boudoir older couple in lingerie and boxers in bed cuddling.

Reignite Your Relationship with Ageless Couples Boudoir

HuffPost successfully encapsulated empowerment in their article, even highlighting one of TGFE’s power-couples, Shalicia and Timothy. They met and fell in love after the age of fifty, and wanted to memorialize that feeling in their session. A dream couple to work with, even I could see the adoration between the pair. A love that shucked traditional values and built a bond that was so easy to photograph. 

Tim’s own declaration of love sent even me into tears.

“At one point during the shoot, our photographer, Stephanie, told Tim to ‘act like it’s a privilege to touch her.’ He immediately snapped his head toward her and said, ‘It IS a privilege!’ Me and Steff both lost it at that declaration.”

Like Shalicia and Timothy, the returning couple Darrah and Michael agreed that after their first shoot with the GFE, they knew they were ready for another session. Their relationship reaffirmed, bringing joy and fun back to the forefront. For their second session, we all had an incredible experience. 

“The experience was exhilarating and empowering. Steff is a true professional who is able to get you to relax almost immediately. She is a master at posing and lighting, and we would absolutely do it again. For us, it was an experience of closeness and connectedness that will never be forgotten.”

Ageless Couples Boudoir Builds Fun Back into your Relationship

Mirroring what Borresen said, not only is boudoir photography for every body, but it captures side effects of enjoying an experience. Love, empowerment, joy–things we sometimes take for granted in relationships. Especially as we move further away from childhood, our ability to slip into a play mindset is more difficult. The stresses of adulthood sometimes take up too much space in our minds, but we have a solution. 

Hanna and Michael agree. They tried a couples boudoir, simply expecting a fun and sexy experience, but walked away feeling pampered and radiating joy. As Michael put it:

“We really enjoyed the experience with Stephanie, but it was really all about [my partner] Hanna and her enjoyment. She was pampered in the makeup and hair chair as she sipped on mimosas. Then slipped into sexy outfits and beautiful poses, which exuded confidence and had her smiling ear to ear for the remainder of the day. Stephanie was able to capture sensual and loving moments in time between Hanna and me that we can cherish forever.”

Taking boudoir photographs, for me, goes beyond just taking photos. I love connecting with my clients, watching as they slip from insecurity and step into their power. Being a safe space to unleash your wild side is my kind of my super power.

ageless couples boudoir Pittsburgh brunette female in lingerie with heels posing on table as male partner watches from the couch

So let’s have some fun. If you’ve been on the fence about your boudoir session, come take a step into luxury boudoir. Bring your partner and let’s build a portfolio for you that is both ageless and something you will cherish.

Your love story deserves to be documented in all its beautiful chapters. Honoring your connection with each other in a luxurious ageless couples boudoir session can create a legacy of love that will be cherished for years to come. Contact us to start planning your intimate and empowering experience at the GFE.