Couples Boudoir Photoshoot: Is it Right for Us?


couples boudoir photoshoot (male and female cudding)

Couples boudoir photoshoots have become more popular in recent years. This is due in part to couples wanting to fortify their sensuality together to deepen the connection they have with each other. There are hundreds of ways to take a great photograph together.

However, when exploring boudoir photography, the first images that come to mind for most people with the woman as the main subject. She is often photographed in lingerie and risque poses. Yet as the years go on and we all change, this practice has evolved to include more men, non-binary, and trans people, and even more than one person. Boudoir photography adds a bit of spice and sensuality to photographs of couples. It allows them to showcase a more authentic version of themselves as partners. 

The TL;DR is essentially that – Yes, a couples boudoir photoshoot is as badass as it sounds. 

The good news is that a couple’s boudoir session can be as sensual as you want. This can include focusing on more tame sessions, similar to a personal classical boudoir. Or you and your partner can make it as sensual as you want to fog up the camera lens with erotica sessions. There is a little something to spice up your couple photos for every comfort level.

So what exactly entails within a couples boudoir session? This can be challenging to explain to others why this is important to you and your partner and how your partner may feel about having a session together. We’ll help you motivate them to not only watch you but also want to participate with you.

What is a Couples Boudoir Photoshoot?

Historically, boudoir photography is a sensual peek inside the dressing room of a woman. Usually, in a more wealthy setting, women had sitting rooms in front of their bedchambers, often forbidden for men to enter. Her quarters were private, generating a perverse curiosity from the menfolk. Boudoir photography was a cheeky and sensual way to play into that fantasy for a woman to really show off her comfort. 

There is inaccurate info out there that suggests that boudoir photography is the same thing as porn. However, we want you to challenge the rumor and that narrative to embrace what feels right for you and your partner. The reality is that even sensual couples’ photos are not porn. 

couples boudoir maternity photoshoot

Ultimately, a couples boudoir shoot is a fun way to get flirty and sensual. Your session can be classic, including two people dressed in what makes you comfortable. You can also focus in on poses you wouldn’t normally take in a family photography studio. There might be some booty grabs, smooches, and flirtatious angles, but this is a straightforward couples boudoir photoshoot. 

You may want to choose the erotica boudoir experience, and this one can get a little spicy. Most photographers (including us) require a consultation to take part in the erotica experience. We will hash out comfort levels and boundaries. Our founder and head photograph Steff is a National Erotica Educator. It goes without saying, but with her expertise and our team of photographers, we understand that these types of shoots are for riskier clients. Yet we also understand and validate that these types of photoshoots can still be nerve-wracking.

The amazing part is that, damn, they are fun to shoot.

Is a Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Right for Us?

Have you ever seen a pregnancy boudoir photoshoot? They’re beautiful, creative, and very personal. It’s not unusual for their partner to join that shoot. However, we firmly believe that the narrative is fully shifting to evolve the partner more directly.

Typically, a maternity photoshoot is a less sexualized shoot, more stripped down and vulnerable. And if you’re looking to capture more of the love and vulnerability between you and your partner, our classic couples boudoir photoshoot is a fantastic option. 

One of the great things about a boudoir photoshoot is that it hypes you up, to make you feel better walking away from your session than you did walking in. It’s a great way to witness how your partner actually sees you through your insecurities and life events. Boudoir could be an exciting date night idea, a fun and original experience that will leave you with not only glorious memories but a deeper connection. 

And if you’re ready to get steamier, the Erotica Experience elevates from vulnerable and chaste to as steamy as you’d like–within an agreed set of consent and boundaries. Often, these are the photos you keep just for yourselves. The angles and clothing options leave little to the imagination, and you might leave the session with other needs to take care of.

How can I motivate my partner to join me?

Maybe you have a partner who is shy in front of a camera. You’re interested, and unsure how your partner might respond to your request to take part in a couples’ boudoir. Like most things in healthy relationships, convincing your partner, this is right for your relationship comes down to trust. 

With us, we work hard to ensure you walk out of your experience feeling confident and joyful. Your session isn’t only about photographs, but also about discovery. It’s a celebration of you, your body, and your confidence. Even if you walk in feeling anything but confident. 

If you’re still trying to convince your partner, we recommend scrolling through our social media, our journal, the reviews from our current and former clients on google, and our portfolio. Have the open and honest conversation on how this can benefit both of you and also add a little spice into the bedroom for the two of you.

We’re here for you when you’re both ready to take your couples’ boudoir photoshoot experience to the next level.