Aging Gracefully While Embracing Your Sexuality


The phrase aging is a privilege is a bit oversimplified. Not only is aging a privilege, it can also be confusing. No longer do we fit into the traditional view of what is sexy, but the clothes we purchase shift to arguably unsexy attire. We are still sexual human beings, but with age, it almost feels awkward to approach sexuality in the ways we did in our youth. Plainly put, we have less to feel sexy about. 

So how can you embrace your sexuality while also aging gracefully? 

Aging gracefully is more than just being grateful for every passing year. With each wrinkle and stretch mark, we lose our youthful appearance, which we once took for granted. Maybe now our skin is sagging or we are getting age spots that are continuously harder to cover. We are our own worst critics sometimes, and it’s hard to accept the privilege of aging. Especially when we still feel youthful in our minds. 

But what if we said you don’t have to look younger in order to be the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself? What if embracing your sexuality while aging gracefully was a mindset instead of a stigma?

Accepting Yourself as You Continue Aging

There are many aging celebrities who are still bringing sexy to the table. Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Madonna, and Dolly Parton, to name a few. These women have defied societal expectations for women over fifty. 

Sure, they have the money and stylists to make them the most beautiful versions of themselves possible. Beyond their position, however, lies a common thread. Something about each of them that keeps people interested in them: confidence. These are women who have been in the spotlight for a majority of their lives, but as we have all seen, fame can be beautiful or detrimental to many. 

Accepting yourself is the first step in building a graceful mindset. Aging is inevitable, and even injections and vitamins and surgeries have a limit to their ability to generate beauty. If you have ever seen the show Botched, then you know what I’m talking about. Now, I’m not dogging on these things. Do what brings you joy, but remember that money can’t purchase self-assurance. Embracing your current self will lead to better results. 

Keep Exploring the World Around You

Do you ever watch children explore the world around them with pure abandon? They laugh freely, explore their world with wonder and awe, and often turn their noses up at rules. The profound confidence a child can exhibit while exploring is something we often forget to do as we age. We could all learn lessons from children.

Aging has its ways of limiting our mobility. Chronic pain and reduced flexibility can make us less intentional with movement. Sometimes we are simply exhausted, and what a drain on feeling that sexy electricity we felt in our youth. 

Being intentional in exploring the world can keep our energy and spirits high. Grab a drink in a new place with a friend, find a local walking trail and listen to nature as you walk slowly, or maybe find a body of water and sit in front of it for a while. On that last one, it’s ok to dip your toes in or skip rocks. 

Mobility decreases, sure, but the decrease in mobility is stronger when we are intentionally immobile. I encourage you to do something strange. When you reconnect with your inner child, don’t fear looking silly. Instead, live with abandon, and you will begin rebuilding your confidence. Confidence will help you be more intentional in your sexuality. 

Embracing Sexuality

Now that we have established that embracing sexuality is a mindset, what else will help us get there? Of course, we would be remiss not to mention that you can book an appointment with us to help you see you can still be sexy at any age. Besides boudoir though, there are several things we can do. 

The first is to stop telling ourselves that some things are only for young people. If you find an outfit in a store geared towards younger people, but it sets your heart on fire, buy it. Wear it and remind yourself that you can take up space.

Age is definitely a number, and as we get older, our body will fight back in some ways. Maybe we are not running marathons–though some do–but we definitely can and should wear clothing that makes us feel confident. No matter your shape, size, or body marks. Dolly Parton is still keeping up with Miley Cyrus, her goddaughter, and looking equally beautiful. 

Embracing your sexuality while aging gracefully does not have to be hard. Shifting your mindset from, “I’m too old for that,” to, “That looks like fun. Let’s do it!” will help you shift into your era of a sexual over-fifty adult.