Men’s Boudoir Photography: 3 Empowering Ways Men Can Do It Too


men's boudoir. pittsburg boudoir for men. Photo of white male posing in men's boudoir photoshoot.

Men’s boudoir isn’t a common thing you may have heard of previously. However, boudoir isn’t just for women in lingerie. It’s also for men too. Historically speaking, boudoir photography captures alluring and intimate images of feminine sensuality, making it no surprise when people usually think of women when talking about boudoir. Yet we’ve all seen the cheeky photography sessions of men in hoochie daddy shorts with cases of beer next to a lake. The art of men’s boudoir photography takes a different creative angle to a luxury boudoir experience. 

Boudoir embraces beauty, confidence, and vulnerability across the gender spectrum. Men’s boudoir photography focuses on elevating men’s sensuality and masculinity. It captures the masculine form and personality in an intimate, tasteful manner. Less about sexuality, more about elevating confidence, sensuality, and vulnerability in a safe and inviting environment. 

Exploring men’s boudoir photography means taking a hard look at redefining societal norms, building confidence, and edging out misconceptions. We understand many men dislike having their pictures taken, but boudoir is an experience rather than simply an end product, giving every client the opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and build memories and confidence from the experience to walk away with.

Men’s Boudoir Redefines Societal Norms

Like women, many commercial photos of men in sensual poses are of bodies that are muscular and defined. There is a certain aesthetic that you can expect to see, and if you see men of other shapes photographed and shared, they are often as we mentioned above. A play on feminine poses meant for a laugh. Men’s boudoir photography is designed similarly to women’s; your comfort and confidence are our primary goal. That’s not to say there isn’t a place in men’s boudoir for those who have defined muscles and want to photograph it for the future. Boudoir meets you exactly where you’re at. 

Of course, boudoir is about sensuality, but it’s also about self-expression and celebrating exactly where you’re at right now. Men’s boudoir photography allows men to explore their own body in ways that would often go against societal norms and expected masculinity. It’s an invitation to be vulnerable, a place just for you to be unapologetically yourself. Self-care isn’t only for women. It’s about decreasing stress levels, learning to trust yourself again, and getting in touch with who you are. 

Building Confidence for Men

Men are also in need of a confidence boost. Beyond self-confidence, self-concept explores a person’s belief in their self-worth and contributions. In men’s boudoir photography, each session is designed to build confidence. Clients are hyped up, pampered, taught appropriate angles and lighting that make them stand taller. Building confidence through boudoir gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself and witness yourself thrive. Because we won’t give you a chance to dog on yourself. 

There are valid concerns from our male clients about getting aroused during a shoot because boudoir explores sensuality. But arousal isn’t a sin, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. So long as you’re respectful about your body and needs, we will be too. Simple as that. 

Men’s Boudoir: Edging Out Common Misconceptions

Boudoir photography is not porn. Though some of the best boudoir photographs are nudes, that does not mean the intention is to arouse or generate an end-goal of ecstasy. Instead, boudoir is about capturing instances of self that are vulnerable and generate confidence when we’re stripped down. Boudoir is about becoming familiar with the sensuality of the body versus the sexuality of intimacy. 

Also, there is no perfect body type for boudoir. Male, female, non-binary, it doesn’t matter. You have a body that is worthy of being photographed. Your body is not your confidence. That lives in your mind, and despite what the world will tell you, you are valued exactly where you’re at and how you are right this second. You don’t need to lose weight or be anyone other than who you are. You just need to commit to self-care. We’ll handle the rest.