Boudoir FAQ: Finding Lingerie You Look & Feel Good In

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woman in red lace lingerie

Lingerie is about so much more than just sex appeal. As one of the first clothing items you put on before leaving the house, a great lingerie set can make you feel put together, while a poor fitting set can make you uncomfortable and insecure. Lingerie can create beautiful silhouettes and be soft enough to feel like your own secret luxury. It can be as comfy as you want it to be. Lingerie everyone looks good in starts with the most basic idea: the fit. 

If you’re not a lingerie connoisseur, it might be difficult to learn the secrets about the lingerie everyone looks good in. Lingerie can be expensive and unattainable for some, while others will spend a large budget on poorly fitting and functioning pieces. Even the shyest and most insecure people have some access to free bra sizing within any bra store. But there are also charts online to help you find the size that will fit you best. You only need a flexible measuring tape. 

Obviously, poor fitting clothing can make or break an outfit. The secret to lingerie everyone looks good in is the difference between sexual and sensual. So, what are those other secrets? You’ve been wearing bras or different styles of undergarments for years, but maybe you need a set for date night and a set for the office and a distinct set for lounging around. Arguably, lingerie everyone looks good in depends on the function, shape, and comfort. Your lingerie should make you want to stand a little straighter and feel like the beautiful badass you are. 

How do I determine the function of my lingerie?

The function of lingerie is different for everyone’s body. If your only goal is to look hot as fuck, your lingerie may not function the same way as if you’re looking for daily wear. Budgets are a limiting factor for some, and maybe one significant piece of lingerie is the only thing you can afford. And that’s ok!

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. The function of your underwear might differ slightly from the function of your bra, so keep that in mind. Are you more comfortable hiding lines in your clothing? How important is bust support to you? Are you going from the office to the bedroom? 

If you need your lingerie to be multi-functional, choosing a bra that supports your breasts while also being comfortable and fitting well is exactly the function you should consider. If your bra is too tight, itchy, big, irritating, etc., your attention is now on your discomfort instead of your task. Determine the function first.

How do you define lingerie shape?

When we’re insecure about our bodies, we work hard to hide the things we’re insecure about. Understandable. But sizing up in lingerie isn’t exactly the same as sizing up in your t-shirt. In fact, many times sizing up (when you don’t need to) your lingerie can bring more attention to your insecurities than the proper fit. So, how do you find your shape?

There are lingerie pieces everyone looks good in, starting with basic cuts and styles. From thongs and boy shorts to hipsters and bikinis, the first thing to determine is what shape is most flattering on your body. If you’re looking to cover your belly, but still want to feel sexy and secure, maybe opt for a high-waisted hipster panty with a fun lace inlay in the hips. Plus, they tend to flatter the booty with a little cheekiness. Perfect for a day at the office or even a boudoir shoot. 

Though bras are not one shape to flatter all breasts, there are some things to consider. If you don’t enjoy underwires, maybe you’d be more comfortable wearing a bralette. Larger breasts can wear bralettes too! To add more support, choose a bralette with a longer torso line. But if you don’t mind an underwire for the support, a plunging bra looks great on all breast types. 

How do I find comfortable lingerie?

No matter your budget, fashion doesn’t have to be painful. I know someone who breaks out in hives with even the softest lace. It’s not that she’s allergic, her body just doesn’t agree with the fabric. I wouldn’t want to walk around in a constant state of hives simply for wearing what someone else told me was sexy, only to pull off my shirt and find a heaping red, itchy rash there at the end of the night.

More important than the fabrics is comfort. If you’re uncomfortable and unconfident, it will show. It goes beyond a great fitting bra or panties if the fabric is uncomfortable.

If you hate under wires, there are bras that will fit you, even with larger breasts. It’s all about loving yourself, feeling good, and not worrying about your lingerie. Because you have much bigger things to be concerned about. Lingerie should be an extension of who you really are and allow your beauty to shine. Because everyone looks good in lingerie that fits well, is comfortable, and compliments their shape.