Sensuality vs. Sexuality: Both Are Important

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woman's legs in black lacy, sensual

Many people get the terms sensuality and sexuality mistaken as the same thing. While each allows us to feel and express our bodies in a way that makes us feel happy, these words are ultimately similar yet different. Words have important definitions, and though the English language can be confusing, sensual and sexual are not the same. The etymology of words can help us better understand why the two are not interchangeable, but can be correlated. So, what’s the difference between being sensual and sexual? 

When the words are broken into their prefixes, sense and sex both refer to two different things. Sex can sometimes mean gender, but also refers to the gratification occurring between the climax in our nether regions and our brains. Sexuality can also refer to our preferences in sexual partners. Therefore, sexual, with the suffix -ual, can have different meanings. It turns a noun (sex) into an adjective, thus describing the context.

The same can be said for sensual. Broken apart, sens- is referring to our senses. It includes touch, sound, taste, sight, and smell. The suffix -ual turns sense into an adjective. Sensual describes invigorating all the senses. Sensuality describes indulging in all the senses at once. 

Sensuality is where we ignite female intimacy. 

You can enjoy sex and sensuality at the same time

Women carry a larger portion of the mental load in their lives. Often, they’re handling children’s emotions, workplace emotions, their partner’s emotions, and that’s all before they acknowledge their own emotions. Women prepare, remember, execute, and follow-up with all things in the household and workplace, leading to the need for more stimulation before they can drop their mental load and have an engaging and pleasurable sex life

Therefore, sensuality comes into play. Do you feel more sexy, wanted, desired when your partner engages all the senses? Maybe they’re wearing an unfamiliar scent. They encourage you to be comfortable and relax for a while. They bring you something to drink, rub your feet, talk to you, and suddenly, when the advance comes, you’re excited to take part. You forget about your work deadlines, and little Timmy’s baseball crisis, and that your in-laws want you to come over, that you haven’t seen your friends in months, or that your husband’s best friend has a party you have to prepare for next week. Instead, your senses have all been engaged, your mind is no longer distracted by the mental load, and you can be present. 

Therefore, sexual can be sensual, but sensual does not always have to be sexual. 

Reigniting Your Sensuality

Sensuality isn’t just sexual. It’s being present and in tune with yourself. Acknowledging the 5 senses and the pleasure they can bring. For instance, have you ever taken a bath with scented oils? The combination of the sounds of water, the temperature, scent, the glass of wine you’re consuming, and the feel of the oils softening your skin is sensual. It throws you into the present, allows you to relax and feel content in your own body. But it doesn’t mean you want to throw yourself at your partner. 

The same can be said for boudoir shoots. We want you to look and feel great. To take pride in letting go of the pressure of what’s happening outside our doors, and give in to your sensual side. When you’re present with your body, with your experiences, you’re giving yourself permission to not only feel something of your own but also to get reacquainted with what you can create. 

Sensuality is creative. It’s intense and desirable. Addictive and beautiful. Where sexuality can be these same things, the end goal is different.

Sexual healing can start with sensuality

The stereotype that once you get married, you stop having sex is a misnomer. There are partners that lose their sex life once they have children, but there is normally something much deeper happening. Studies show that low desire in women can be attributed to a heavy mental load. 

But where does sensuality come in?

Many times, our partners want us to be aroused when they are, but they can’t see the mental load we’re carrying. However, they can help contribute to our sensuality. They can ignite our senses, get us out of our heads, and invite us to feel pleasure instead of stress. Not only does this help to level you up, but the engagement will assist in connection with your partner. 

Share this article with your partner and encourage them to engage more in sensuality. And if you want to give them a little treat in return, let The Girlfriend Experience help.