Am I too Old for Boudoir?

Boudoir Photography

woman pondering during boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir photography requires us to express our bodies. You’ve finally passed the point of ignoring your age and limitations. I think this happens to everyone. Maybe it’s thirty or well into your forties or beyond when you say things like, “I’m too old for this.” Or maybe you’re looking around and seeing others your age are no longer taking part in the things that make you feel young and joyful. Now you’re asking yourself if you’ll look silly engaging in things young people do. 

Let me ask you: Do you enjoy watching other people do the things you want to experience?

Society has a great deal of impact on how we view aging. Campaigns for anti-aging are everywhere, and advertisements for people over, say, forty, are looking more like advertisements for medication and insurance than they do as advertisements for joy. Many of us have fallen victim to the rhetoric, even though we are still the same person inside. Just a little more experienced. 

The point is, asking yourself if you’re too old for anything is a recipe for lack. And we don’t live in that mindset anymore, Queen. 

Let Go of Outdated Ideas About Boudoir

I know a gymnastics coach who recently turned 60. She has always been the life of the party, the center of attention. But most of her friends are staying home, caring for their grandchildren, and sometimes going out to dinner. But this coach? She still posts photos of herself on the beach, leg up next to her ear, or in a backbend or doing back walk-overs with her daughter–a professional dancer. 

Hell, my great-grandmother was 90 and could still bend forward and lay her hands flat on the ground. It was her party trick when I was a young child. 

We all know people who defy aging, and maybe we’ve judged them for forgetting “their place.” But deep down, some of us might just be envious of them. How can she feel confident wearing that low-cut shirt? At our age, I could never. 

Of course, our lives and bodies look much different as we age. It’s supposed to. However, many of us continue to play sports, get on the floor with our children or grandchildren, travel regularly, or maybe we slowed down in favor of relaxing. There’s no right or wrong answer to aging, and no matter where you’re at, there is not an age maximum to taking part in the things that light you up inside.

Aging Gracefully

You are no less yourself at 105 than you were at 25. In fact, with more life experiences, your beauty shines in your engagement in life, your active participation in something that lights you up from within. With society moving at a rapid pace, being present when you’re engaging in something new or with the people around you is almost unheard of. And believe me, this is what we catch on camera.

There is a lot of stigma around aging. Even younger women and men in Hollywood are having procedures and hiring makeup artists intending to make them appear more youthful. When twenty-somethings are getting Botox and fillers to compensate for no longer looking like teenagers, we have it all backwards. Even makeup trends are shifting quickly, and how we apply makeup today differs from how makeup and skincare were handled even five years ago. 

Don’t believe me? Research the trends for eyebrows alone over the last fifteen years. 

There’s no shame in choosing procedures if that’s what you decide is right for you. But Botox and fillers only alter the outward appearance of your skin. They don’t change your inner confidence, self-worth, or experiences. And if you’ve lived long enough to question if you’re too old for a boudoir photoshoot, chances are you’ve noticed that trends shift quickly. So do beauty standards and the rules that we used to live by for aging. 

Fuck the rules.

Boudoir is for Everyone

Everything is temporary, from beauty to trends to aging. When we slow down, we’re able to better appreciate the things we experience, including our own understanding of aging. Instead of picking apart the pieces of ourselves that look different from what we wish we saw in the mirror or photographs, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate them. 

Boudoir is not only about creating sensuality. At the deeper level, it’s about self-love, acceptance, and this radical idea that we’re all worthy of celebrating our body. Whether you’re 18 or 95, your body carried you through life to this point. You deserve to live authentically. 

Managing your fear of rejection, your insecurities, and the scars of past hurts can be a scary hurdle. The first step in overcoming it is making the call. We’ll help support you through the entire process. The best part is that our goal isn’t only to get beautiful shots of you. 

We’re here to help you feel the most confident you’ve felt in years.