Why Luxury Boudoir Is All About Self Respect

Luxury is often framed in an image dripping in gold and diamonds. Even commodities like silks, lush colors, and plush furnishings may pop into your mind when you think about things of luxury. You may think about some famously-know luxury brands before you envision any of the images above. Either way, the idea of luxury […]

Boudoir Photography

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How A Boudoir Photoshoot Gives You Confidence

Boudoir Photography

A boudoir photoshoot can give you a needed confidence boost. Learn more about how a photoshoot can increase your confidence.

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There is No Shame in Boudoir

Boudoir creates a level of vulnerability to be seen and photographed like such. Read more about how we don’t embrace shame around here.

Boudoir Photography

No Two Bodies Are Alike


We are designed and built differently, from all the curves to lean and trim. All bodies should be treasured for their uniqueness. Read on about how you can better embrace the skin you are in.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Permission to feel

I caught myself in the middle of one of my favorite ways to waste time, lingerie shopping. I was scrolling my favorite lingerie website, www.playfulpromises.com because they had dropped a sales email into my inbox that offered a free panty when the matching bra was purchased. Before I knew it was searching 32G,  my bra […]

Boudoir Photography

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How to make your boudoir shoot day easier


Tips to have a seamless boudoir shoot with The GFE Boudoir You have gone and done the damn thing. Your mind has been made up and you aren’t waiting any longer. Your boudoir photography shoot has been booked. You’ve paid your deposit, signed your contract, set your date and you’ve found wardrobe you love yourself […]

We could all stand to be a little more bold

Sometimes we rush and sometimes we wait. There are times being impulsive pays off in big ways even for small moves. Then there are small moves that we wait forever to make and therefore never really experience satisfaction from. I am a huge believer in timing. My own relationship with Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh changes every […]


Making Plans and Power Moves


When we went into lockdown, there were fantastic and unexpected benefits for me. I was able to clean out my closets. Whittle down my stack of papers that gets taller everyday. I got to enjoy my teenagers. My dog finally got the attention she deserves. It was really lovely to be still for a while. […]

Let’s Talk About Posing For Your Boudoir Shoot

This is a collaboration between yourself and I. All you need to do is show up and trust me to deliver our best work.