Embrace Your Creative Boudoir Side at the GFE Boudoir Studio in Pittsburgh

Boudoir Photography

At the GFE, we allow you to embrace your creative boudoir side. It’s what we do best! We want you to feel your most empowered and beautiful self behind our lense. Boudoir forces you to embrace a new side of sensuality and vulnerability about your body. It can seem challenging to some to expose not only your parts of your body not always visibly seen but also that sexy side of you that demands you to embody vulnerability. But here, we are not only a safe space to express that sensual side of you, but one studio that promotes body positivity! And do we have a stellar deal for you to jump with both feet in to the world of boudoir with your own spin of creativity!

We Love Creative Boudoir – It’s Our Thing!

In every single one of our shoots in the past 14 years, I have snuck in some play time. Whether it’s a new pose, a different angle, lighting, camera settings; I’ve found a way to keep shooting FRESH. For me and also for my own creative sanity. Lately, the least creative thing about shooting has been the sharing of images. It’s been not only tricky but also challenging!

If we are sharing on social media, there are strict rules we need to follow in regards to images that can even show the smallest shred of nudity. Sadly, what we have created in the studio isn’t always obedient to the rules. Pushing my own creative limits means I am flirting with constant rejection when it comes to keeping our content visible. Recently, an image of a pregnant woman with her hands on her belly was rejected by Google, on our business listing. The photograph is not suggestive in any way. This photograph is showcasing her changing body. Growing another human being changes your body. I would know, I am a mother myself too. But what can I do, other than try to get creative with boudoir shoots within these new rules. 

We are Embracing our Creative Constraints with Boudoir

So with these new “restrictions” (and frankly I hate saying that but it’s just the reality of business today) we have to embrace our creative boudoir side and the constraints within what we can and cannot share publicly. It’s just what I have to do. I don’t like it or enjoy it, but search engines and social media are forcing these things upon me lately. Here is what is the most important value to you:

A client’s privacy is taken very seriously at the GFE. We only share what we are given permission to share. On occasion a client needs to rescind her permission. No questions asked. I understand it. But this also means I have a very limited pool of imagery to use in places like my website and social media, to promote The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir further to others. Due to the new rules, I need to update the images on our website. I need to create more videos as opposed to still images to use on social media as moving images are harder for the bots to deem as inappropriate. 

This is where you come in!!!!! At the GFE, we do not feature models. Period. While it can be a great avenue for some photographers, I want real and raw only. Only real clients that give us explicit permission to share their images for marketing and business need. 

For the next 19 days, you can book a Creative Content shoot with Dessa and I AND be guaranteed 10 images included for your $599 investment. Traditionally our classic session with 10 images would be $1830 at full price. So we are offering our followers, past clients, and new clients an almost 70% discount to book with us in June!

Keep in mind, this is a limited time offer only available when booking during the promo timeframe. But we are so passionate about everything we do here. From making you feel like the best version of you and then translating it into your images. The beauty of boudoir photography is that it’s timeless. It’s snapshot of you behind our lense. In all of your sensuality and beauty.

In the words of Moira Rose “Take a thousand, naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, Oh, I’m too spooky. Or, Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies. But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!”

So, my question to you is what are YOU waiting for?! You deserve to be pampered and cherish for all of your beauty today and everyday. If you’ve been on the fence about creative boudoir and expressing your sexuality, then there is no time like today to join us to help you exude that fully!

Ready to get started? Book your special promo with the GFE soon! Time waits for nobody. So embrace your beautiful sensuality now by booking with us today! I promise it’ll be the best investment you make for yourself for years to come. We’re so excited to meet you and help you embrace your creative boudoir experience successfully!