Bridal Boudoir Doesn’t Have To Be Cliche


If you’re getting married, chances are you’ve been thinking about an intimate gift for your spouse-to-be. Maybe you’re even thinking about Bridal Boudoir, but you’re not sure what that means. According to, “Bridal boudoir is an intimate form of professional photography in which a bride poses while wearing revealing clothing.” We’d like to add that you could also not wear anything at all. 

Some brides prefer a bridal aesthetic for their boudoir photography. Maybe it includes the veil they plan to wear, or all white lingerie that they’ll wear under their dress. For some brides, it’s a beautiful keepsake for their partner to remember their wedding day by. For others, the bridal aesthetic is overused and cliche, and they feel like it isn’t a good representation of what they want to give their spouse on their wedding day. 

Maybe instead of the bridal aesthetic, you want sultry. You want to feel sexy, and you want your partner to look at the photos and think exactly the same thing. You want to walk out of the studio feeling like you’ve never felt before, and you’d love for that feeling to last well past the gifting stage of your wedding night. 

Both options are valid and special gifts. But let’s get into the gritty parts of boudoir–where The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir sets your session apart.

Turning Cliche into Clench

Sometimes, bridal boudoir is a little more tame. Maybe the clothing is revealing, but the poses are innocent and virginal. But in 2023 (and beyond) you’re looking to spice it up. You’re looking for toe-curling, sultry excitement. You want to look and feel like a sex symbol who’s ready to ravish your partner on the best day of your life. And your Bridal Boudoir should accentuate that.

In boudoir, we believe you should bring your entire self to the party. Whether you’re nude or wearing show-stopping lingerie, you’re not required to pigeonhole yourself into one aesthetic. The best photographs come across when you’re true to yourself, and it’s our job to make you feel comfortable enough to be your authentic self. 

Do you need a spreader bar and handcuffs? 

We’re game. 

Do you want to show off your favorite ASSet?

Let us help. 

Your shoot can easily be tame or spicy, but it’s all about you.

Putting Your Best Self Forward

I think sometimes brides forget that the Bridal Boudoir encourages their own empowerment. In fact, the photos never need to be shown or gifted to a spouse. From the moment you book with your studio, you are the number one subject. Boudoir is about empowerment, learning to love yourself more, and bringing your best self forward–even beyond the photoshoot. 

Boudoir is great practice for understanding your angles in front of a camera, sure. But you are still beautiful and incredible in exactly the package you have. You’re encouraged to take up space, to laugh and smile and have fun. There’s nothing more beautiful than someone feeling comfortable enough to be wholly and fully themselves in every capacity. 

So if you’re looking for boudoir to help get out the overabundance of pre-wedding jitters, we’ve got you. 

Gifting Boudoir Photographs

If you scroll through our journal, you’ll find plenty of articles detailing why you’re worthy and should be celebrated. It’s our entire goal for every single session that passes through our studio. Hell, as a photographer, I want to find joy and creativity in my profession just as much as I want you to find joy and creativity in your session. 

And gifting your boudoir photos should be just as exciting. Of course, we can discuss what the options are, be it a book or individual photographs. Or maybe you want a sneak peek for your beau and want to save the extra spicy photos for when you choose to get into something a little more comfortable after the wedding. 

Either way, your Bridal Boudoir session is yours. We want you to radiate joy and confidence when you leave our studio, and again when you give your session to your partner. You’ll be glad you were more genuine to yourself, and your partner will be thrilled to witness your best self forward.