About Pittsburgh Makeup Artist Dessa Marie Artistry


Dessa Marie has worked with me for years to create the best boudoir experience for our clients. I have been spoiled by her skills for many years as a photographer and every so often I get to sit in her chair. I had my makeup done 3 times this month and that is what led me to see if I could compile all of the looks here. I know for certain 1 is missing. She once gave me a wet glossy eye and to this day, it is still my absolute favorite makeup look she has ever created for me. She is the most talented person I know. Someone once said ‘Geez Steff you talk about her like she is God.’“ Well, ya’ll she is a makeup god. I don’t trust my face to anyone else.

This might be the very first time Dessa Marie did my makeup. I can’t say for sure, but I can say it was at least one of the very first times. We were in the studio on Smallman so it was at least 5 years ago!

2017 dess marie artistry.jpeg

I have a habit of coming to work and just ‘asking’ for a little something. It is usually eye brows. Stephanie with her Dessa eyebrows is a whole other woman. The photo on the left was a selfie taken around the same time showing what my basic makeup look was and the right happens to be a basic face from Dessa with a little oomph. This has to be around the time we moved to Penn ave. She never tells me no. I am super grateful because really, I look like a girlie girl but I don’t get my nails done or hair done and a little spiff to my brows even for a day gives me a little pep in my step!

We went full vintage glam for this shoot! Classic styling is one of Dessa’s specialities. But its not cheesy. Why oh why do people think vintage and retro looks have to have a cat eye???? She really can make you look glamorous without making you look like a character and that is my favorite thing. Classic styling can look very gimmicky if its not done with a tremendous amount of finesse! Two photographer friends came into to down and we all photographed one another on this day. Dessa had done my makeup but never my hair and with classic styling being her speciality, I wanted to full Dessa Effect, as I call it!


My only ever family photos with my two sons! Clean and polished. Not like I had to threaten everyone within an inch of their lives to not look annoyed as shit and just let me have this moment!

Just a bit more makeup than my ‘mom’ look. The man behind the thumb (we’ve gone our ways, this photo seemed most appropriate) took me away to Bedford Springs for my birthday and asked Dessa to do my makeup because he knew how special getting my makeup makes me feel. I know it is something that gets washed off at the end of the night but it isn’t something that most women do for things other than BIG events and photoshoots. I think you should. Why not feel like your best self on date night or at a wedding?

2020 dessa marie september.jpeg

This is my second favorite look Dessa has done for me!! A mock bridal shoot, because when you find a 40 dollar dress that looks like a million bucks and you don’t have any plans for a wedding, your friend turns you into bride just because! I showed up looking like the wavy hot-mess that I am when I don’t religiously blow-dry! The look was a blue silver elongated eye. We drew inspiration from Endora from Bewitched. All of these are unfiltered selfies just to show you how amazing her work is. Flawless. And it lasts all day. If I ever really do walk down the aisle, you can bet your ass I’ll sit in her chair first!

2020 dessa marie artistry may.jpeg

If you follow is on IG you will recognize this one. From just a month or so ago. We needed to create some content and I don’t trust anyone else with face so naturally Dessa powdered me right up and made me look like a million bucks, even thought it was hot hell outside.I go without makeup all the time! I take great care of my skin and I am proud to say that at 39, I am confident enough to leave the house without makeup ALL the time so the Dessa face doesn’t make me feel confident, but it amplifies my confidence! Who wouldn’t want a little amplification from time to time!??!?

2021 dess marie artistry june.jpeg

This is unreleased work. The photo on the left is a selfie I took before she started my makeup. We had a goal and a brand we we were working for. We wanted something different than my standard. Different colors, different textures. We love when clients come in and say do whatever you want but do what ever you want almost always means something closer to sexy and smokey than creative and unique. So when she wanted something different, she went for it!. Whats even more impressive is that she also took the photo on the right as well. She is just a damn phenomenal artist!


I’ve never had my makeup done this often! 3 times in one month is a record. There isn’t a blemish on my skin or a dark circle and oh man did I have them when I woke up!!! I sat down after shooting 3 clients and said, I just want a good brow lots of lashes. Simple looks are the easiest to fumble! I am a lucky girl, she is willing to do my makeup whenever I need. I just wanted to look like I hadn’t worked an 9 hour day. Looking fresh as a daisy at 8pm. This is one of those occasions that you might want to think about getting your makeup done for!! Professional hair and makeup is an experience its not just a service. When you feel confident you show up differently!

Find more of her work here http://www.dessamarieartistry.com/ and follow her IG https://www.instagram.com/dessamarieartistry/?hl=en