Yes, We Shoot Maternity Boudoir Photography!


Emails land in the inbox that ask if we do maternity photography. I genuinely thought everyone knew that we did. I don’t know where or when or how I thought I was sharing our maternity work. Maybe it was in our private clients only facebook group. Maybe it was a sporadic post on our instagram page.

Could not find a single blog post.


The short answer to the question is, YES WE SHOOT MATERNITY SESSIONS! The long answer is, I love getting to spend this time with our clients as they move into this next phase of their lives. I focus on creating work that doesn’t show the tummy swathed and cradled. Intimate photography of you and your baby before they make an entrance into your arms is always my goal. If you have a partner you’d want to include into your session, I encourage them to come along so I can showcase the two of you together sharing in the excitement of your growing family. But what you don’t know, because I clearly don’t talk about our shooting maternity boudoir enough; is that you get TWO photographers! My studio manager, Jess is a beautiful portrait photographer and she always joins me for photographing our pregnant clients. Together we combine our skills, hers being heavily influenced by timeless portraits that you will want to hang in your home forever. My driving force is connection and intimacy, whether you’re alone or sharing this day with your partner.

Traditional maternity photography is JUST ABOUT THE BUMP. But that not good enough for our Girlfriends. You’re growing life, your body is incredible and it is beautiful but your photos should be about more than your middle. I love to show you the curves of your body uncorrupted by unnecessary clothing. I enjoy simple items like sweaters, stretchy undergarments, we have several gowns and robes on hand to help take the stress out of choosing what will flatter your changing shape.

Our maternity sessions are not much different from our traditional sessions. I want you to have fun. To see yourself and appreciate yourself in a whole new way. I want you to appreciate this time of your life. I want you to be proud of who you are. I don’t treat the process any differently, you just are carrying a baby during our time together.