Let’s get grounded, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography



Grounding yourself…This is a serious topic for us! Each of us at the studio has our own way of doing this and we are always reminding one another to take this crucial step in coming back to ourselves.

When we think about grounding, most of us thing about being on the ground; obviously. Today we are discussing the psychological term. 

Everyone has their own stressors in their lives. It could be from children, work, social life, deadlines, etc. You name it, it can be a stressor. Something as fun as booking a shoot with us can be a nervous situation for you if this isn’t something you typically do. And hey, that’s completely fine and definitely normal. It’s all about where your head is at in the moment. So when you are having these negative thoughts, a technique that you can use to cope is grounding.

Grounding yourself is more simple than you think. Basically, you want to focus on all of your senses. Touch is probably the easiest one to start with. You could put your hand firmly on your chest, touch the fabric of the seat you are occupying, rub your fingers on a piece of fabric, etc. There are really so many options to choose from. The cool thing about it, is that no one will ever really know what you’re doing. It’s pretty inconspicuous to the general public. When I was going through my divorce and my anxiety would swell past the point of coping, I would take myself out of whatever space I was in, find a room with a closed door and out loud I would repeat, “Stop, Stop, Stop…” I was literally interrupting my thoughts. I had to use the sound of my own voice and raise it over my thoughts which were sometimes the loudest thing in the room.

If touch isn’t your thing, you could also try sight. Counting the lights in the room, finding 5 things that are red, paying attention to light reflecting on of sun spots; just like with touch, the possibilities are ENDLESS. This exercise is all about mindfulness and focusing on the present moment. Once you remove your energy from the negative stressors and on to enjoying the moment. That anxiety starts to release, and you are able to relax. You can incorporate all of the senses when you are trying to ground yourself, it’s completely up to you with what you need.

So if you are sitting in the makeup chair wondering if you are going to do well, or at home digging through websites, finding lingerie for your boudoir shoot that you enjoy…… You’ll be able to use this tool to get your mind back on track. You have to choose to be in control of your thoughts and not the other way around. Taking a few moments to prioritize how you feel over what you are thinking can do wonders for changing the course of where your thoughts are headed.