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Sleigh bells aren’t the only things ringing this time of year. Between Christmas and New Years many women find themselves saying, “YES!”

Forty percent of our solo female boudoir clients are having their first boudoir shoot as a wedding gift. Boudoir and the grooms gift are a no brainer. If you find yourself with a new accessory this holiday season and want to have your own boudoir shoot I am sharing some of the advice I often share with clients who reach out via email or give us a call.

The ideal time for your Pittsburgh Boudoir shoot is now. Ok, not today but the sooner the better. The more time you have between your shoot and your wedding day, the better. A minimum of 12 weeks is great, 10 weeks is fine and 8 is as close as we want to cut it. This gives you time to account for all your budgetary concerns and still have this experience included in your wedding planning.

To veil or not to veil. All white lingerie? A corset?

Ah the veil. The virginal wedding whites. The underpinnings for your big day. Do you wear what you will wear on the big day? My answer is always no.

Do not bring me the real veil. Don’t worry about wearing your actual lingerie for the shoot. The real veil shouldn’t be used as a prop, I don’t want it to get mussed in any way. A stand in that can be shoved into your bag will do. We will only use your veil for a portion of your shoot anyhow. We want to see you, we want to focus on you not an accessory. What you wear under your dress might be heavy duty. Built to support you through hours of dancing and really might not be that comfortable. Something white is plenty enough to give the nod to your motivation for the shoot. And just never a corset ok. Thats a whole post. Don’t ask questions just trust me.

Here is my thing. And it is just my thing. This experience is yours. The photos are even your, you’re just sharing. Becoming a wife is a step in your journey. It is a PART of who you are, not everything of who you are. So your boudoir shoot shouldn’t be all about being a bride and a wife. In life, it is a part of you. In your shoot, it is a portion of how we spend our time. Wear the whites, wear the veil but don’t expect kitsch from me. There will be no pose with a fake bouquet. Your garter what? A wrinkled robe that says “Bride”? Let’s pass. I want to pay homage but not pigeon hole.

You’re a bride for one day. A wife for hopefully forever but undoubtedly you are a woman who deserves to feel beautiful and celebrated infinitely. I don’t want your photos to only be about a moment in your life, I want them to be a celebration that you can enjoy over and over!