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I only have 90 back logged boudoir sessions to catch up on. That is never going to happen. So I am going to share one of my favorites couples boudoir shoots from this past year. The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir shoots men and women, straight, gay and queer individuals as well as couples. In fact, I specialize in it. And I have decided that for 2020 I am separating our Couples Boudoir shoots into two categories. Couples Boudoir and Couples Erotica.

No they are not the same and you might think you want one but what you really want is something else. For a long time, when I photographed couples together, each person would have an idea of how far they’d want to take the shoot and being put on the spot in front of the photographer with the “meter running”, would make one person feel pressured. I am not in the business of pressuring anyone. What you want as a couple needs to be figured out before its time to take your pants off.

For both of our types of couples shoots, couples boudoir and couples erotica. Each of you will be photographed solo for some time during the session. I will bring you together and take you apart, multiple times. This will be building anticipation and allowing your partner contribute the ways they’d like to see you in your artwork.

Couples Boudoir with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir leans toward the more intimate and sensual side of the sexual line. Lots of kissing, lots of holding and touching. The imagery will be more implied than overt. You may choose to not be nude if you wish. You each will have traditional style boudoir images taken alone and together.

But what if you want something less implied and more overt. You might actually be desiring a Couples Erotica Session. You will have all the fun the Couples Boudoir clients are having but prior to the shoot, I am requiring a video meeting to make sure we can discuss any particulars like concerns either of you might have. I want to talk about how far you’d like to shoot to go. Do you want to mimic sex acts, do you want anonymous only images, do you want full frontal genitalia, what happens if you get an erection, are there specific images you want to make sure we capture, each partner’s personal preferences, to penetrate or not to penetrate, the incorporation of fetishes etc.

The video session is protocol. If I get an email asking if your husband can cum on your face and it looks like you were typing with one hand and it is spelled and articulated so poorly I ask what your native language is you can be sure that you set off my perv flag. My Perv Flag has never been wrong. The couples who actually want to have this experience are more than willing to respect my boundaries. This is my job. This is not my sexual fantasy. I will not engage in voyeuristic discussion about your fantasies because that won’t put a dent in my business overhead. But if you really do what this, we will set up the video chat with no questions asked and no pushback to discuss your goals for your erotica session.

If you’re interested in a couples erotica session you can use this link to to get scheduled for your video chat! https://thegirlfriendexperienceboudoir.com/eroticabooking