Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, A complete boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir


I am a big believer in you don’t know what you don’t know. About everything. But certainly about having an experience like this!! Boudoir photography can be a whole hell of a lot of fun but boudoir can also feel really intimidating if you’ve never had a friend do a shoot or if this is a brand new concept to you.

The whole idea behind The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir way way way back in the day was that if I were going to do something like this myself, I would need to feel super duper safe and like I was with my best girlfriend. Your BFF is your ride or die and she is the person you trust more than anyone. I am not out to replace her but I want to feel like her when you’re doing something you’ve never done before.

I run my business the way I would want the experience laid out for me. I would want my shoot and my product separate so I am not buying something I don’t know if I would like. I would want the best fucking makeup I could get my hands on. I would want a photographer with experience. I would want the booking process to be pretty seamless. Jess worked her butt off to get online booking up and running so if this idea comes to you in the middle of the night and you want some details, you don’t have to wait for one of us to wake up and email you back. A bunch of information is in your inbox in a matter of minutes. You are encouraged to ask us any questions you can’t find the answers to in the provided emails but if you are feeling confident in the work you have seen here and on our social media platforms and the emails have helped you; you can click a few links and have your session on the calendar in 30 minutes or less. This Girlfriend is the reigning queen of booking! Because our system time stamps everything we can see what is going on from our end, if emails have been opened etc. She moved through the process in 27 minutes!!!!! That is a gal who goes after what she wants! From the birth of the idea to have a boudoir shoot to scheduled with me in less than half an hour and her gorgeous face was in front of my camera in less than 2 weeks!

I knew right away while I was shooting her that we were going to have to share her incredible session! Her energy was contagious and we made magic together. I never want to miss an opportunity to share more education with you!

She selected her dream boudoir experience and she chose The Classic.

The Classic is our oldest and most popular shoot. Your shoot will feature 3-4 wardrobe looks and a nude/implied nude set. The Classic include styling with our amazing stylist, full hair and makeup! You will be photographed for roughly 2 hours.

We made the decision during her shoot to focus on 3 wardrobe looks and 1 nude for a total 4 looks with more time spent in each outfit as opposed to working in the 4 outfit. I only want to shoot you in what you love. If you have way more than 3-4 and you’ve ambivalent, I will help you choose your best looks!

No, you do not have be photographed nude. No, you do not have to go on the fire escape. This might be a once in a life time thing for you so you might want to go for it or not. I am never going to make you do something you don’t want to do. I will push against your boundaries a little bit but I am here to serve you. I want you to get what you want!

Non lingerie items such as sweaters, jeans, crop tops, fitted dresses and pencil skirts are some of my favorite pieces most of us already own to incorporate into your shoot. If you have something you love and you feel great in, you should absolutely bring it to your session!

True story, the nudes are always the fave. No lingerie to squish and make you feel like you’re pretending to be someone else. No panty lines. No ill fitting bras or short torso’d body suits here. Just you. Either nude or wearing a nude panty with a sheet cleverly placed to create the illusion of being fully nude and of course not showing anything you don’t want to show!