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One of my main goals for my clients is always to let go and to trust me implicitly. That might be because I have tossed all the lingerie from your bridal shower back into your bag and told you to never ever wear that ugly shit, it might be because the pose you are in mades absolutely no sense to you, it feels awkward, it kind of hurts and you don’t even know where I am. Trust plays a big role in boudoir photography with any photographer. From the first contact to the day of, you’re doing something you’ve never done before in less clothing than you’ve ever worn for a photo and that is a big damn deal. 

The nudes and the implied nudes are always the favorite of our clients. Each shoot you can choose between features a nude look. But please don’t get scared thinking it is a spread eagle lewd situation. Not at all. The nude body is as timeless a look as we can capture. Your naked curves are  art. Never in the 9 years that I have been photographing women have I seen 2 bodies the exact same. Each curve and bend is unique to you and the way your body moves. The way I move your body in relation to the light is something you have never seen.  Nudity with another person is the ultimate in vulnerability and without trust, true vulnerability never happens.  The nude images are my favorite because they are the softest most beautiful way to show you how lovely you are. The rawness lets you see your body unaffected my restrictive clothing and the way I encourage you to move highlights the beauty of your form. I’d venture to say that the majority of our clients rank their nude and implied nude images above their lingerie shots. It isn’t something you expect of yourself  but you find that you are happiest with those images!

Here and there we will get emails from women who voice their apprehension about being potentially nude for their photos. This is not something we force you to do. Everything is done to your comfort level and I never want to make you feel forced into doing something that goes against your standards. I just want to encourage you to consider the option that as the professional, I won’t show you something unflattering and that you won’t like. If boudoir photography is a one time experience for you, I never want you to leave my studio with the should of, could have, would haves on your mind!