Boudoir Photography, Stacking The Deck; How to prepare for your boudoir shoot


Some of us “girl” pretty damn hard on a day to day basis. Others, not so much. If even the idea of what you need to do to prepare for you boudoir shoot with The GFE Boudoir is a little overwhelming, let me help! That is what I am here for. Keep reading for some tips to help make you feel confident and prepared before you walk into the studio for your boudoir shoot.

2 Weeks leading up to your Session with Stephanie at the GFE

Decide what you can outsource and figure out what you feel capable of completing on your own at home! I am not even going to pretend that I do all of my own grooming. Some shit is best left to the professionals. There are some treatments that I actually prefer at home and like to give myself.

What might a gal want to outsource?

Hair removal, nail care, facials, etc

Make these appointments now, but keep it scrollin’ to find out exactly when in relation to your boudoir shoot is the best time to treat yourself.

BUUUUTTT…..while you’re doing all of this deciding and appointment making start guzzling the H20 pronto. Your body is made of mostly water, it needs water to perform its best and to look its best. If you’re not peeing round the clock, step it up. Thank me later.

The Week Before

  1. You’re already drinking your water

  2. If you’re a hair girl, this is when you trim and touch up your color. My roots haven’t seen the inside of a salon in months so I can’t give you an exact time reference but a week seems like a safe bet to trim your split ends and get some deep conditioning done.

  3. Scrub scrub scrub. Many local spa’s offer a body polishing service that will buff away to dry bits and show off some long forgotten fresh baby skin or you can do what I do and kit the kitchen before you shit the shower. A bowl of sugar and some body wash mixed into a paste is my fave way to search for the skin I had when I was seven. Even better if you are brave enough to just get the body damp and scrub away your dead skin basically dry. Do this 7 days before, 3 days before and the night before.

  4. You’re moisturizing game has been kicked into high gear. Healthy skin photographs like a dream. Water on the inside of your body and moisturizers full of fats and lipids on the outside will help prep your skin for my lights and posing tricks. I know getting dressed after you lotion is hell but wake up 10 minutes earlier and moisturize twice a day. The name of the game here is luminosity. I want you to glow god damnit.

  5. Make sure you buy the lotion we suggest in your prep guide that comes when you book your shoot.

3 days out and the night before

  1. I know you don’t think about your feet a lot. But I’ll see your feet in more images than you think. A callus on your toe or your heels appears blindingly white to the camera. Pay someone to buff all of that away for you. While you’re there get your nails done too. I am not picky. Nothing fluorescent though. No designs.

  2. I prefer hair removal at day 3. Personally, I am likely to get a little stubble from a wax if I am doing that 7 days out. You don’t have to wax it all, you don’t even have to wax if you’ve never waxed. Skin irritation can happen to the best of us experienced waxers so I feel like you can only hope for the best. But 3 days gives your skin time to chill the fuck out if it acts up.

  3. Facial time!! Go see someone for this. Get your skin in shape by removing and plugged pores and moisturized with the best ingredients. Good makeup starts with good skin.

  4. The night before, shave if you didn’t wax, scrub before you shave, moisturize from your head to your toes. Pack your back, put it in the car or in the closet in the hall. Go to bed a bit earlier. Put a bottle of water beside the bed so the first thing you do in the am is chug it before you head out to see us for your boudoir shoot!!