Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Boudoir Shoot Wardrobe Mishap


Retail lingerie shops just don’t exist like they used to. Most communities have just the pink and black store from the mall which has two types of patronage. Happy customers and begrudging customers. You’ll find me in the second half. Even with a boob job these bras don’t fit me well. Man made boobs man made bra, should be a match made in heaven.; but here we are. I get asked where to shop all the time, inquiring clients get a lingerie and shopping guide in their prep materials. Noticeably absent from the list is VS. I have my favorite places from bargains to investments, I try to be able to steer you toward something you won’t regret. The hitch is they are all online. Which means shipping. Which means shit happens.

She was ready. Her shoot was approaching. We talked. She was prepared. Until a shipping delay kept her deliveries out of her hands passed their expected date of arrival. We have all had this happen, something goes elsewhere, a storm diverts your package and waiting a few extra days stinks but its not a huge deal. Unless the things in the box are supposed to be here by a certain date because you need them to make a surprise happen for your most favorite person and damnnit now what?!?! That is basically how the email came in the night before. Now what?

I am the most go with the flow planner. The best laid plans are always going to have some sort of hiccup. The plan of action was to stuff a bag with whatever she had in her closet that she thought could maybe work and leave the rest to me. We keep quite a few items in the studio for situations just like this. I knew we had enough to cover our bums so I didn’t stress.

She brought in a bra and panty that she had and cute pair of pj’s that her partner liked. We added a robe and bra from the studio wardrobe that matched her hair perfectly. 3 solid wardrobe looks and the implied nude look in the sheet brought us to 4 variations and enough choices for her to choose her favorites from for her album.

Shopping is either going to feel like torture or you are going to love it but either way with or without wardrobe you are going have a ton of images to select from!