The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburgh’s Best Boudoir Photography Studio


Taking a great photo isn’t your job, it is mine. Knowing which angles and which poses flatter your body isn’t your job it is mine. Knowing the flow of the day and what outfit to wear with which set isn’t your job it is mine. During your pre boudoir shoot pep talk, I often tell the clients that the responsibility is all mine and your only job is to let go and listen. Nerves are present for everyone. That isn’t something that you can let go of so easily. They often set in the minute you book your shoot; I hope to get rid of them within minutes of directing you through your first set! After the first 20 minutes breeze by your nerves will be a thing of the past!

One of the biggest compliments we can receive is when you tell your friends and family about us. This young lady was just as nervous as anyone else maybe even a twinge more so but after she saw her images, she shared the love and sent us her nearest and dearest. That is a kind of trust I can not even put into words. If you have a friend or a family member who is a client of ours, you can use them as a referral and take 100 off your product order as well as towards their earning another shoot. All you have to do is make mention of this to us when you book your shoot or at the very least, before your image premiere to get the benefit!

To help ease some of the nerves we suggest all prospective clients join our fb group

**The group is for women only and you must answer the questions to be admitted!