Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Western PA Bridal Boudoir


Planing a wedding is basically a second job as far as I am concerned. I don’t know how you all do it. Kudos to you! The sheer amount of decisions that have to be made just boggles my mind. As a business owner, I sometimes just don’t want to make any more decisions. These days boudoir photos have become to the ‘no brainer’ grooms gift! And why not? In the midst of planning for your big day sometimes the fella can start to feel a little overlooked. Gifting him a sexy album is a keen way to remind him that even though you’ve both been hella busy busting your asses to make this party happen; you can’t wait to be his forever partner in crime. It used to be a watch. Actually, just give him both!

But there is a catch.

Don’t make the whole album about bridal boudoir. This album is about more than your wedding day. It is a part of the journey. You are more than a bride and your book should be more than album of you looking pretty and wearing white. I know damn good and well you’ve hired a wedding photographer for that; don’t make me create competing work.

And steer clear of clichés. Pass on the white corset. Fuck the pearls. White stockings? It’s not 1987. I have a different spin on bridal boudoir. I take more of a portrait approach to ensure there is a clear line between for the wedding day and the rest of forever images will be showcased in your boudoir album.

A prop vail is a better purchase in case something happens to it!

I wish I could show you more but we went all out of this session and I am sure those images need to be kept private. Her implied nudes were my favorite from the day. Her session featured a beautiful mix of bridal portraits, very sexy traditional boudoir and some incredible fine art nudes.