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I like to keep my professional life a little mixed up and always trying something new but my personal life is same same same. That is just now I like it. Gimme me routine at home. Hot coffee, kitties and puppies, comfort meals, songs that you never get sick of and the faces that make your face happy. When it comes to the photography studio and my boudoir shooting habits I like newness as often as I can get it. I think that may be why I fell away from blogging. Partially because I was giving my focus to the women in front of my camera and because after 8 years of writing about boudoir shoots, I feel like you must have heard this before. I started using the questionnaire and after a while even that started to feel stale. I opened my email like I do as part of my routine and found a message from this client, completely unprompted. Better than any story I can tell you or any questionnaire, it felt good to have my routine interrupted. Without further ado….

”Before my shoot, I had started losing weight and have lost more since.  I started worrying this morning if I would still love my pictures just as much because they aren’t representative of me today.  Then I realized that my healthy journey has continued, greatly in part to you and the work that you do.  This isn’t because I saw something I didn’t like at my reveal, but just the opposite.  After seeing my pictures I fell deeper in love with myself than I ever have before, deeper than surface level.  This love for myself has helped me to always make contentious about the way I treat myself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I don’t do it to be as thin as I can be or to fit some societal mold, I do it because I love myself fully. 

I can say with certainty that I will love my pictures (not only because they’re hella amazing), but because my shoot was a huge turning point in my life and my love for myself.  Thank you so much for everything that you do!  I hope that this will help express my gratitude further than a simple thank you, because you deserve to know how great of an affect you have on people.”

Scroll to the bottom for my “notes”!

Hands down one of my favorite shoots from this past year. She has been a long time supporter of The GFE Boudoir and myself! She is an active part of our private facebook community and helps lift other women up and finally decided the the timing was right for her to book her own shoot. I get pretty lippy about my boudoir opinions and often give suggestions. It was like she heard every single one of them and when she planned her shoot wardrobe, it wasn’t at all bra and panty sets. Instead, she listened to the info coming out of the group and the instagram page and in the end of it all, I couldn’t be more excited to share her images with you. The hoodie was what she wore to the studio that day not something she planned on being photographed in but why the hell not? It looks dope as hell paired with high cut (makes the leg look longer) high waisted (draws the eyes to the smallest part; emphasis that shape) stretchy panties and a seamless bra (push up bran are fun but overrated) and the floral pantyhose! Are you f’n kidding me!??!? Where else have you seen that? I love panty hose to shoot in. They shape the leg and that pattern up the back is sexy. Why not be a little unexpected?