Over the course of the year I correspond with many significant others who really really want their partners to have a boudoir photoshoot. Many men explain how lovely and remarkable their wives are but that their wives simply think their husbands are saying what they want to hear. Others want to inspire confidence. Some think this is the most unique gift they can give. Each story that we hear is honest and sincerely sweet. Just like the women who are doing this as a gift walk away with a two fold experience, a boost in confidence for themselves and some rocking sexy photos to share; the person who wants to GIVE a gift certificate for a shoot wants both an inspired partner with rediscovered confidence and rocking sexy photos!

If you are person who wants to give the SHOOT there are just few things you need to consider before you get your gift certificate in your well meaning hands.

  1. Not all wives are on board right out of the gate. WHY? Sexuality, lack of sexuality, overt sexuality, lack of sexual intimacy and overbearing sexual intimidation from their partner can really inhibit them from understanding your reasons for wanting this for them. Most of the couples I have photographed have been married and I often hear from the men that the wives don’t really believe them when he tells her how beautiful and sexy he finds her. The well intentioned man sees a boudoir shoot for his other half as a way to quite literally show his wife what he sees. The woman; never receiving this kind of gift before, whom has very little knowledge about this type of photography is going to be apprehensive and maybe a little defensive (born from fear). If a woman thinks this is just about sexy photos and she understand what this really is, she will be turned off immediately.

  2. Plant the seed. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Her Birthday, Anniversary dates are on the same damn day every year. If you really want to have this experience happen for her and to reap the rewards you must sow the garden and water the idea. Mention this kind of photography. Suggest she search for The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir. Talk about having this shoot together. Compliment her, genuinely. I had a couple in the studio recently and both myself and Jess, our office manager just fell in love with them and one of the things that made us swoon was how he spoke to his wife. Yes, they were sharing a couples boudoir shoot but while she was being photographed solo he would things like, “You look so strong” “Your skin is glowing” “You look really confident in that pose.” Pretty sure I told him I loved him 6392 times in two hours. You can now understand why telling her that she looks pretty pales in comparison. If you really want her to do this right now, you will want it next year too and if you’ve planted the seed and watered idea, when she receives the gift; she will be excited and not suspect of your motives. Good things come to those who can wait.

3. This is a luxury experience. No one really needs this to survive. Yes, a boudoir shoot can change her self image and give her a different appreciation for her uniqueness. The best way to plan for gifting the photo shoot experience is to let them them warm up to the idea and when the trepidation cycles toward curiosity, this is when you can strike while the iron is hot. Many of our women have told us their husbands told them about The GFE Boudoir and the rest is history. Women are natural investigators and researchers. The seed was planted, she became curious and before long she wants in on the action. She moved ahead before the gift card could be given! We do offer gift cards for you to give to her but we also are willing to create something custom to your wishes because we want her to be excited. Do not be offended if you bring boudoir photography up in dinner conversation and she shuts the idea down immediately. Take a beat and move on. This is your que that she isn’t ready and you have some leg work to do. You are going to have to build her up a little more if you want us to strip her down!