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Sometimes I take a look around the collective of women whom make up The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir and I think about how different we are all from one another but how oddly similar to all of our clients we are.

Between the 4 main women, we have been married, divorced, been in relationships longer than some marriages last, survived sexual abuse, live with chronic diseases, battled mental health issues, run away from a cult, eating disorders, have children with special needs and lost parents (ok, that one is me. I am the sole orphan)

I have made it mandatory that we all have our own boudoir shoots over the year, so we can relate with where you are coming from. Jess, our studio manager actually volunteered to be my very first model ever wayyyy back in the day. Lauren my assistant, came to us a client first! Your stylist, Dessa, has been one of my guinea pigs since the moment we started working together. Just between you and I, as lovely and beautiful as she is, she has been one of my hardest subjects to photograph. I can’t get her out of her head. Lauren is always up for whatever I ask of her even though she feels pretty silly and Jess, literally has no clue how beautiful she is and cried the first time she saw herself on the back of the camera. Yes, really. Then there is me. Between my stretch marks, razor bumps and mommy belly, if I could keep everything from the waist down hidden, that would be great, yup…I am that person. Scared, awkward, uncomfortable and flawed. Sound familiar?

No woman is immune from insecurities. Fears come in all shapes and sizes. From feeling like your body isn’t worthy to feeling like you haven’t brought anything nice enough to wear. I said it in one of the videos, every woman is afraid she is going to be the one that this doesn’t work for. That she will be the woman who will be unphotographable (that isn’t a word so it isn’t a thing that can happen), the woman who just wasn’t good enough, the woman who should have stayed home.

We see your fears and we have felt your fears. We have been where you are. We understand what it takes.