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We had severals videos made a little over a year ago. This is just 1!!! The boudoir videos have been shared in our Exclusive FB group, been sent out in newsletters and in a few places they are featured here on website in a few places but putting these OUT THERE, felt too bold for me! I love them! They really do tell our story. This video is my WHY! I am very sensitive when it comes to boudoir photography. The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir is not a side gig or a weekend warrior endeavor for any of us. We are a full service studio that solely focuses on Boudoir. Our clients travel from all over, our farthest traveling client came to us from INIDA!!!! UMMMM!??!? That is fucking amazing!! We have been featured for our couples boudoir photography in The Huffington Post. This is real. And I pinch myself everyday. There are 4 other women besides myself that make The GFE Boudoir run on a daily basis. We have our own full time stylist, I have an assistant, a dedicated retoucher to give that extra polish to your images and the studio manager who helps with scheduling and backend stuffs. If I couldn’t be bold enough for myself before and was too shy to talk about this little thing that was once just mine but is now ours; I can be hold for them!!!!

The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir is Pittsburgh’s most exclusive and premier boudoir photography studio. Located in the strip district, the GFE caters to women, men, and couples seeking an experience that’ll leave them ready to take on the world.