Western Pennsylvania Couples Boudoir, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh


Couples boudoir. Yes, it is a thing. No, you aren’t weird for being curious.



Bonus info, I happen to specialize in couples boudoir. In fact, half of our shoots are of couples. Because intimacy, sensuality, sexuality are all completely normal aspects of healthy relationship this isn’t weird at all! As a divorced woman, I fully stand behind this next statement. A large part of your relationship should be about shared experiences. Have your identity and your own things but find experiences that are for no one else but the two of you. Not your friends, not your kids, not your family. Just the two of you. Obviously this is a large scale something but toss this into keeping a lunch date on tuesdays or only watching your favorite Netflix show together, the mini vacation away…….


This couple traveled to us from Ohio. They were sent to us from a previous client who had a boudoir session for herself. I love getting to connect with my clients before their shoot. Your fears are my biggest concerns. I want to quiet the beast that is Girl Brain. The Mrs. had original intentions of booking a shoot just for her. Any woman who has had a baby can identify with the struggle to regain her sense of self. Being a mama, being a wife and returning to work means that we often feel like we are the lowest totem pole. Sorry Men, but unless you do the dishes and bathe the baby, we might not not have any more energy for sexy time. Bitch and moan all you want but women do not switch gears that quickly. We WANT TO, we really do, but our brains and our vagainas are connected; where yours are not. So on top of what we are feeling or not feeling, then we have GUILT! A’int nobdy got time for that!!! Guilt gets in the way of everything!


She was kind enough to share a few words for me to share with you about their time with us!


“I initially wanted to do a shoot for my husband but then decided it would be something fun for us to do together! His cousin  referred you to us bc she did a shoot for her husband! Leading up to the shoot I my number one concern was my appearance…obviously being a woman with some insecurities! Being a very petite woman it’s hard for me to feel sexy most of the time, but you definitely had me feeling that I too am capable of being sexy! I was actually sick leading up to the shoot and honestly thought about rescheduling but I’m glad I didn’t! The makeup artist did a great job of covering my tired sickly eyes! I’d say my favorite part of the shoot was when I finally loosened up to have some intimate fun with him Having a 1 1/2 year old has slowed down our personal time and we both enjoyed every second of the time we spent with you! Since the shoot I have definitely opened up to my husband again and brought our “pre-baby” life back into the bedroom more often and we thank you for that! I would definitely recommend a couples shoot to anyone who needs to bring the fire back into your sex life or just to feel unbelievably beautiful!”


I fall in love with moments and people all the time. During this shoot, I was absolutely smitten with how he still made her blush.  Every time he looked at her, he had to take a deep breath. I am telling you that you can very visibly see how a couple fees about one another just by the way they look at one another. The admiration was tangible between these two. I love love and these two filled my cup over and over. Not all the couples that come to us have this ability and others like these two amazing partners, left me inspired.