Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, In her own words, Client Testimonial



What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience?
I had always wanted to do this kind of shoot but after I had my son and going through a divorce I just didn’t feel sexy enough to do it.  When I looked in the mirror I saw a new pouch under my belly, stretch marks on my booty and thighs and saggy boobs. It really wasn’t until I saw how much my boyfriend loved me, ALL of me.  The crazy, saggy, stretched out me. That I started to love myself again. There are still some days when i feel that way again but I have tons of photos to prove me wrong thanks to GFE!

Choosing your studio/photographer is super personal, why did you choose The GFE?
At first when I started looking I was looking more at prices and I had reached out to a few different places. Even though the GFE was out of my price range, not to mentioned almost 5hrs away from me,  Stephanie made me so comfortable just by talking to her through email.  I knew I had to find a way to make it happen. Stephaine is wonderful with working with you and she’s a amazing teacher. I am so so happy that i choose GFE, I was such a pain and had so many questions and stephaine was great about everything. I can’t not express enough I happy i am that i choose the GFE. It easy for me to be goofy than it is serious and Stephanie did a great job helping me get my sexy I’m! Everything was so personal, by the end of the shoot you don’t feel like strangers anymore. And that was so important to me. 

Leading up to the shoot what were you most concerned about?
I was most concerned that none of my pictures would look good. I often get awkward looking, or at least I thought so,  when i try to pose for pictures.  Stephaine and Dess are great at building confidence and making you feel like you’re on top of the world. 

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?
My part, aside from putting my body in positions I never knew possible, was getting to know Stephanie. I know, corny! At the time of my shoot my sister had just had my nephew, 3 months early, and I was newly separated from my ex husband so I had alot going on. It’s nice to be able to feel so comfortable with someone you barley knew. By the end of the shoot I was walking around naked,  physically and mentally.

Is there anything you would change or do differently?
If I could change one thing,  I would change some of the outfits I brought. I would have brought more every day clothing than lingerie. You can make pretty much anything sexy!

What would you tell other women about your experience, would you recommend doing something like this for themselves?
I would totally recommend doing it! It’s almost like a once in a life time experience, I think. I was extremely nervous but I’m so happy I went through with it.