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My sole motivation for the boudoir experience was to give it as a gift to my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary.  See, no matter what age or what life experience I was going through, he always thought I was beautiful.  Pregnant, really pregnant, right after delivery, as I age, when I cry, when I laugh, in sweats or in a gown, Matt thinks I’m beautiful.  Because of that gift he gives me everyday, I wanted to give him this photo shoot.


I chose GFE because of you!  I did a google search, and your website popped up. Not only is your site professional and well done, but also, it is beautiful.  However, when I spoke to you, I knew you were the one to photograph me.  You understand women.  You understand our insecurities and frustrations and fears.  Yet, you were able to take the time to turn those doubts around and give me the confidence to do the shoot!!


I was most concerned about looking foolish.  I mean, I am 47 and have had 4 babies!!  That foolishness disappeared as soon as I began to talk to you.


My favorite part of the shoot was the confidence that was growing inside of me.  As each picture was taken, I began to really enjoy the experience and relax. By the end, I didn’t even think about feeling foolish or the parts of my body that I wasn’t comfortable with.  I just felt on top of the world!


What would I change?  I would go back in time and do this when I was in my 20s and 30s!!  I’m dying to come back in for another round of fun!  I’d also change fretting about it.  It really was a fun, easy, and empowering experience.  Plus, my husband LOVED it!!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!


I think every woman should have a boudoir photo shoot!!  and often!!  Honestly, you feel beautiful in every sense of the word.


I do appreciate my body more.  There are times, for sure, where I look in the mirror and see time marching in certain places and begin to get down.  However, I think of you and the pics you gave me and remember how beautiful and how confident I can be!