Western Pennsylvania Boudoir Photography, In her own words, Boudoir Client Testimonial


What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience?

I had always thought about doing a boudoir shoot when I was getting married as part of a gift to my husband on our wedding day.  However, I was intimidated by all the photos you see on pinterest. Most of those women fit a certain stereotype, age, size, etc.  They all deterred me from really doing any research on it because I’m just shy of 6′ and considered plus size.



Choosing your studio/photographer is super personal, why did you choose The GFE?

A friend of mine had been gifted a shoot with Steff, hadn’t even done her shoot yet and was still raving about her work.  I ended up looking into Dessa’s talent and Steff’s art and for the first time, I felt like I could actually book a shoot.  Dessa has a supernatural ability to make you look like the best version of yourself and Steff works with women of all ages, sizes and walks of life.  Every woman I saw featured on her site, instagram or facebook had a story to tell.  They were all so different, yet she captured them all so well, feeling confident, sexy, strong, delicate and beautiful.  It also helped that every single review or comment spoke of how comfortable women feel with them and how they immediately feel like old friends.



Leading up to the shoot what were you most concerned about?

I booked a full session and then decided I needed to take advantage of the satin sheet romp before having done my full session.  So when I got the email from Steff about my satin sheet shoot, she said to bring what I felt comfortable in but that all that was needed was a pair of nude underwear.  In hopes of not overthinking, I just took that.  I was panicked about it up until the shoot.  It ended up being awesome and then I knew what to expect for my second shoot.  Having already met Dessa and Steff, my second shoot was less about anxiety of the unknown and more about WTF I was gonna wear since Steff had made the first shoot so simple.



What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

Obviously I am ecstatic over my finished products and the overall experience.  But I honestly think my favorite part was getting to know Steff and Dessa and feeling so comfortable.  The second shoot I brought a friend along for support.  We took some champagne and snacks because I like for every aspect of life to be a party and we all talked and laughed and had such a good time.  I love them so much I went back to the studio to have Dessa do my make up for my Gastby themed bridal shower.  And I was just as happy to be sitting there comfortable with them both again.



Is there anything you would change or do differently?

I would have probably booked a session sooner had I actually did any investigating into boudoir in the area.  Steff’s work blows all the other boudoir studios out of the water and I would have seen her diverse client looks and felt comfortable.  I also would have bought more photos!



What would you tell other women about your experience, would you recommend doing something like this for themselves?

I have told everyone who wants to listen about this.  Women who are getting married, women in relationships, single women, it doesn’t matter.  They’ve all been interested after I told them about my experience and they saw the final products.  Obviously women looking for wedding gifts for their grooms were motivated for gifts.  Women in relationships were thinking about it as holiday gifts.  And my single friends wanted to do it just for themselves, to see themselves in a different light and feeling confident.  One of my friends even talked to her boyfriend about it and he said “Why do you need to do that if I see you all the time?”  When she told me about it, she was angry and said it made her realize how she wanted to do it for herself! (I see a birthday gift in her future!)



Do you view yourself differently since your session? Do you appreciate your body more? Are you kinder to yourself?

I have been an athlete all my life.  I did my session when I was at my heaviest ever. And I still love all. the. pictures.  It definitely made me appreciate myself, just in a different light.  That beauty and confidence have no boundaries.  And Steff has an eye for every type.



Also, feel free to add anything. I just want to hear from you. Toss my questions out the window if you want!

I also wanted to say how much I love you both and find myself wanting to do another shoot in this next year. 

K love you