About The Girlfriends

The Girlfriends of The GFE Boudoir

So, this is me, Stephanie! All glamed up, blown out and photographed from the right angel 😉 I’ve put off this damn about me page for years now. I am not one for talking myself up but I’d want to know who I was working with if I were you so here I am. I am a single mom of two little dudes, I miss my own mom like mad, I am crazy cat lady. I like to think I am funny. I am a hugger and a hand holder. 

I love women. I love photographing women. I love making women laugh. Above all, I think there is power in feeling beautiful; especially if you can feel beautiful while laying bare all of your vulnerabilities. Crazy as it sounds, boudoir can change your life. I want to help you experience all of your awesome-ness and to see how damned amazing you are!

This is the ah-mazing Dessa! She is hair and makeup artist extraordinaire for The GFE Boudoir. I searched high and low and after many dates where I just cancelled makeup artists and did the work myself, I met this gem. She is absolutely the most talented woman I know and after you get out of her chair you’ll want to take her home with you. All my clients just rave about her, she really does make you feel extra special. That furry little man you see is the love of her life, Eddy Munster.