I am Stephanie and I am honored you stopped by! I am a skincare obsessed coffee guzzling crazy cat lady! I love tacos, more coffee and old music. I give women permission to see their bodies differently than they ever have before. When I am not booty whispering you can find me working out and being the worlds okayest mom. F’n teenagers are hard, y’all.

The GFE was an idea that came from our owner and lead photographer Stephanie to make boudoir photography less intimidating and more accessible for everyone. If you’re going to be photographed when feeling this vulnerable, you needed to feel like you are with your best girlfriends. We support you every step of the way. We truly want you to feel as though you have known us for ever. Every member of the team is a woman and has had her own shoot so she can understand all the fears and anxieties our clients will experience.

The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir is Pittsburgh’s only exclusively boudoir studio. This is all we photograph. No weddings, no babies, no events. Just incredible women having the greatest time you can ever imagine being photographed in the most transformative way possible.

Boudoir Photography isn’t so much our passion as it is our mission. Helping women improve their relationships with themselves through intimate photography can begin a process of self-appreciation. We have heard from countless clients that what they expected of their session was far surpassed and the effect are everlasting. This more than pretty pictures and a photoshoot.