Not quite a craigslist missed connections but we did meet on the original creeper website when I was looking for a nude model. I was dipping my toes into boudoir and jess was looking for a wedding photographer. We decided to trade services. We met in a Panera where she had a cranky baby in tow. I promptly grabbed him away from her so she could eat her soup in peace. 10 years later she has taken my “cranky baby”, otherwise known as the pit that can sometimes be your email pile when you have a business and whipped it into shape so I can eat my soup before it gets cold. She has been with me every step of the way, even before I knew what I was doing. She is absolutely hysterical and the best cheerleader/friend/confidant/email wrangler/support…the list is endless. She knows just about as much about this business as I do. If she isn’t busy being our client concierge she is in the studio photographing newborns in the beautifully styled knitwear that she designs and creates herself!