You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Do I provide my own wardrobe? +

Yes! Use this experience to treat yourself. Shop your closet first. Your good butt jeans are super sexy and should be considered part of your boudoir wardrobe if it suits your style. Sweaters, little tanks etc are something we all have on hand already. Really if the lingerie in your closet does nothing for you, check out our lingerie guide and hit the shops. Don’t be afraid to size up your lingerie. We are going to cut the tags out anyway and the way it fits and feels matters more than the number on the tag. I get it, you might not wear a lot of lingerie so buying new feels wasteful. All clients are given the choice for implied nudes which removes the need for wardrobe. We do keep many items in the studio that you are welcome to use for your shoot but we can not guarantee we have a large variety in your size.

Do you have a stylist or do I do my own hair and makeup? +

My stylist is trained, licensed and a damn wonder of the world. I won’t trust my face to anyone else. Makeup for photography is not the same as your going out makeup. We can correct blemishes, shape imbalances and texture issues in the makeup chair. If you opt to forgo professional styling with our makeup artist, we will not correct any of those issues in photoshop nor will we correct improper applications.
But this is an option if you’d like to save some money. I wouldn’t advise it but I understand.

I have a hard time finding a matching foundation, should I bring my own? I am darker complected. +

You can bring it along, if you want to feel safe but not once has our stylist not been able to match a client with what she keeps in her kit. She is a professional. She is fully stocked in all colors and will custom mix a shade just for you, no matter what the tone of your skin.

I don’t know how to pose? +

That is my job!! I can pose you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. I will coach you, direct you, move your body parts if I need to and I will even demonstrate the pose and facial expression for you to ensure you aren’t left wondering what to do.

Ahh! My period came! +

This happens all the time. We try to plan around your cycle but if you are on your period during your shoot that is no big deal. Happens all the time!

Is there anything special I should do to prepare? +

A little TLC never hurt any gal. Scrubs and moisturizer are good all the time but ramping up for your session is a great way to prepare. Wax at least 3 days before, if you want to wax, to allow for irrational to subside. Shave as your body tolerates.

Drinking lots of water leading up to your shoot is good for all the skin that will be shown and will help you feel less bloated. I don’t recommend anything drastic within 2 weeks of your shoot.

What can be done about my stretch marks, cellulite….? +

We are a full service studio. We have our own dedicated retoucher. I do not believe every photographer is an equally great retoucher. Our girl will personally hand edit each of your images and remove all concerns. We do not take 20lbs or 20 years. We typically do not reshape bodies either but bruises, pimples and scars aren’t something that are always permanent on your body so they shouldn’t be permanent in your photographs.

Can I bring a friend? +

Only if she is a cheerleader. The friend who wants the best for you no matter what. The friend that is super supportive. Not the one that is too close. The know it all. The backhanded complimenter. Or the friend that has shot with someone else. The studio is like my house and I’ll only have good vibes up in here. We are all on your side. If you’ve got a friend that will bring her lovely energy to help encourage you, for sure, bring her. It can be really hard to concentrate when you feel like you’re being watched. And knowing who I am, I’ll want to make sure everyones needs are tended to. Most often friends are asked to wait in the sitting area while we shoot so you and I can focus!

In terms of whom owns the rights, it is actually very difficult to transfer the actual legal rights to the images. You are given personal printing rights, if you purchase digital files. You may reproduce the images however you see fit for personal use. I own the copyright. In the contract it is explained that neither you nor I can profit from the sale of your images without legal written consent of the other party. We have been in business for 9 years and have not sold any clients images. I understand the concern but your trust is paramount to me and selling your images is not something we do.

How many pictures come with the shoot? +

The session fee does not include images. I do this because I really want you to only have images that you love. Your photos will be private, vulnerable and a touch erotic and if you do not love them you shouldn’t have them.Seeing yourself this way can cause lots of feelings. I know how we as women are. If there are 10 images that you hardcore love that is all you should have. If i send you home with 25 images and you only love 10 you’ll fixate on the ones you don’t love, pick yourself apart and the experience will be greatly diminished. You will return to the studio for your personalized image premiere where will watch a video of some of your images then you’ll look at our products and choose which images speak to you the most! Digital collections start at $1150 and albums start at $1050. I have a broad range of prices. I’d never want someone to plan on coming in to only buy a “couple” but I do offer very small digital collections if that is your wish, starting at 3 files.

Tell me more about the payment plans?

Our payment plan is the best

Oooooh! The magical payment plan. I happen to think my payment plans are the best because I don’t require a set amount each payment. With The Classic all you have to do is pay the $200 deposit on your shoot date and time. As far as products go we set a payment plan conclusion date, no product is ordered from my vendor before the final payment is made; within that time frame you place a 20% deposit to begin your payment plan and pay as much as you’d like or as little as you can by the conclusion date. No set dates, no set amounts. Life doesn’t happen that way. Sometimes we have a little extra and sometimes we don’t! Most of my clients enjoy the ease of the payment plan.

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