Preparing For Your Boudoir Shoot


What type of lingerie should I buy for my session?

I can’t give a one size fits all answer here. My suggestion is you if you’re booking a session with me, you email me! I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t wear. Corsets, white shirts, sports jerseys, fedoras, ties, your period panties, fluorescent fucking anything.

Does my age or size matter?

Fuck no. I don’t want to be dismissive here. I want to be respectful of your fears but I am very proud of the fact that that you can’t tell anyones age or size by looking at my portfolio. Our oldest client was in her 70’s!!!!!

Is being stressed normal? How can I calm myself down?

Being nervous is being excited! Did you know that nerves mean you’re really invested in this going well?!? This is basically a blind date where you know you’re going to get into your skivies. Have you ever gone on one of those and not been nervous? You’re in good company. Everyone is nervous. I’d be nervous if you weren’t!!!!!! Then what would we do?

Bridal Boudoir

You have probably racked your brain with several photographers for your big day. But have you thought about doing a boudoir shoot as a special treat for your spouse? This is a special time in your life. You want to capture and remember these beautiful moments forever. I don’t feel like I talk to a lot of brides who are really planning their weddings just for their own desires. You’re trying to be inclusive or make your parents happy; STOP and do something for yourself in the midst of all the wedding chaos. Besides, you will have a blast doing it. This doesn’t have to be a gift for anything, either.



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Love Your Body

You don’t need to look like a magazine cover or a centerfold. BUT YOU WILL!!!!!!! You are beautiful just the way you are. When you come to my studio, you will be glammed up to your liking. Natural, Hollywood glam, vintage, you name it. Let our team take over and cater to you. Take a day away from home, find a sitter for your kids, and just relax. This is all about you. 



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Referral Program 

Did you know I have a referral program for boudoir sessions? When you refer a friend, and they schedule with us, you will both receive $100 product credit. Yes, you read that right! Take this as my way of saying thank you. So if you’ refer ten friends…you do the math!