Four Tips to Rock Your Boudoir Shoot 


Four Tips to Rock Your Boudoir Shoot 

1.Drink up! Guzzle plenty of water before your session. Being hydrated keeps dry skin at bay, and helps fine lines appear plumper and smoother. It helps with bloating. It helps with your body feeling its best on shoot day! I could orate about the importance of adequate hydration all day but I won’t, just drink your damn water!

2. If you bring lingerie, make sure you love it. I mean like seriously fucking love it. It is so amazing you absolutely have to wear it and would fight me on it if I said its a no. If it is just ‘meh’ leave that lukewarm crap at home. This is where most of my clients get stumped!! Lingerie just isn’t part of our clothing foundations anymore. So most of us don’t know what we like, what fits well or even where to find it. I am your best resource for this. Use me, Girlfriends! I am here for you. In fact I created a really fun and simple quiz that might give you some insight into what your lingerie style might be and give you some jumping off points to help you find your lingerie style!

3. If you follow me for 3.2 seconds you can tell that I am a skincare junkie. I love skincare. I love my at home routine, I love my facials with my favorite local estheticians; I talk about skincare a lot. It is a passion of mine. If you want to feel really on point the day of your shoot, make sure you’ve been pampering that face of yours. I have an easy way for you to do that. We have our own esthetician at the studio everyday and you are more than welcome to make an appointment with her prior to your shoot for a facial and or a wax! Just ask me how!

4. Go to bed early and get rest. You will want to come feeling energized without dark under-eyes! And dream about how you’re going to have the best shoot ever with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir and how amazing your photos are going to be because you’re one prepared Girlfriend!