To The Husband Who Isn’t Sure What To Make Of All Of This…


To the husband who isn’t sure what to make of all of this….

In my experience as a boudoir photographer, I’ve run into three different kinds of partners: the type that is over-the-moon gung-ho about having sensual images of their wife, the type who is extremely resistant to the idea, and the type that isn’t quite so sure what to make of it all. If you fall into the latter two camps, I ask you to read through the below reasons why having boudoir pictures of your wife is actually pretty amazing.

  1. Your wife deserves to feel is sexy as hell. You know it, she knows it, and documenting it on camera for you and her is a gift that’ll keep on giving. A confident wife should be encouraged and whatever it takes to get her there should be supported

  2. It can foster your emotional and physical intimacy together. Seeing your wife in her most sensual state — and knowing she went out of her way to choose the perfect lingerie and pose for you in front of the camera — will be a boon to your relationship through and through. There are a lot of ways to communicate and nonverbal body language ranks really high on my list!

  3. The images are a secret for you two to share, which can make for a fun “we know something you don’t know!” moment in your relationship. Nobody will see or have access to the images but you two. And I have no doubt that the photos of you take of her do not do her any justice.

  4. They’ll come in very handy when you or her are spending time apart from each other for travel, work, etc. ‘Nuff said.

  5. It’s a celebration of your love. It might not seem like it but relationships can hit lows and lulls and it might take something a little unexpected to pull you out of that and her desire to have these types of images take, is an expression of that desire even if she can’t say it out loud.