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The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir Does Detroit with Fearlessly You Boudoir, A personal post

I claim this space as mine. This bed and this body. This body that been told no and refused. This body that didn't fit right for someone else. This body I have abused and misused. This body that has been worshipped and meticulously loved. A great love of my life said, "You have to love yourself more. You have to take better care of yourself. Inside."

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Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Is Boudoir Empowering?

There is power in sexuality and sexual exploration. There power in being overt? Absolutely! Is there power in being demure? Absolutely. Is there power in the display of sexuality? Absolutely! Is there power in being chaste? Absolutely. What you want has power, what you are motivated by has power and all I do as a boudoir photographer is to give you PERMISSION to take back your power.

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