The GFE Boudoir Maternity Sessions, Pregnancy Boudoir, Pittsburgh, PA

I think I have said it before, but I have never been one to shy away from sounding redundant. I hate the word, "Boudoir." Gag. Ugh. It works, because you can at least draw a context conclusion about what it is I shoot. I photograph women. Without and with clothing. With hair and makeup and without. With all shapes of boobs and bums. I shoot women. In all their stages and all their ages. I know I haven't been able to share with you many maternity shoot or pregnancy boudoir, whatever you want to call it. But yes, we will photograph you while you're pregnant. My goal for the shoot isn't for it to be solely about your tummy. For fucks sake, if I see another maternity session; boudoir or otherwise where the woman only has her hands on her stomach, I am going to bodyslam the photographer! No one thinks she consumed 32 pounds of cookies the night before. We are mammals, know how how this shit works and what it looks like.  A woman can be pregnant and in a photo AND not touch her middle! Did you know that?? There are a few images where we have her hands placed on her stomach and honest to goodness those were the only images from the entire shoot where her hands were placed there. She has sooooo many other bodacious body parts to touch, grab, caress, squeeze and tease!

I don't know when I decided to veer this post towards photographers but here we are and I am just going to go with it. Some women feel incredibly sexy when they are pregnant. Some husbands find pregnancy insatiably sexy! You can be pregnant and you can be sexy. Let's not be a part of the perpetuation that once a woman bears a child, she becomes, "JUST A MOTHER." So don't you dare photograph her that way. Moms are more than vessels and care providers!

This beautiful woman came to me during her last pregnancy and wanted to celebrate the way she felt and looked! Her husband was absolutely smitten with her figure and found that amped up during pregnancy. Fairly certain, this would be her last pregnancy she decided just to go for it. This is one of my favorite maternity sessions and even more so because she allowed me to share. So if you think you can't do this because you are pregnant, I hope we have proved you wrong!!